24 December 2005

New Year's Resolution

Stuff writing this
Lists are very helpful things when it comes to doing things, Mind Maps are only good for memory techniques.
- Read my books
- Burn movies/watch them
- Burn commerical CDs
- Start thinking real hard about college and later life and what I have to do to get there
- Coursework!!!

Lost The Spirit of Christmas?

I figured a very simple answer. Might sound a little complicated when reading, but to me, that's nothing.
If it is true that you feel that when you were you younger, you used to really enjoy Christmas, compared to now, I have a reason why.
I call it 'expectation', coinciding with the following fact.
As you become older, as I have noticed in the last couple of years, the world is much bigger than you thought. There *is* something after school - something very big. Your life. Money, family, responsibility.
I think that as more becomes expected of us, we expect more out of things (like money from people as a cheeky example). Now if we suggest that if you are doing the same things you used to do as a kid (which may be your answer to finding your 'spirit' of Christmas anyway), then it is natural to feel that you don't feel 'in-touch' with Christmas.
So my answer to doing the best you can to enjoy Christmas is to integrate it as much as you can into the seasonal timing. Doing all the usual things - buying presents, setting up the tree, playing games, visiting family, giving cards and presents and receiving them, thinking about those less fortunate, singing festive songs, maybe even visiting church - generally thinking about the reason and purpose of Christmas.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm sure you've all probably figured that you're just happy as you are, I'm just writing this blog for a friend who said he didn't feel the spirit. And if he doesn't understand all this, well, stuff him :P

22 December 2005

Not LOL Anymore - Time for Payback

Here we go again. Another day when my sister just totally disrespects me. Typical, as always.
I would love to record everything she said and relay it to you, but it isn't practical. Seeing that this new list spans many days, I will not split it up.
- She called me a 'fool' several times, just the word on its own.
- She calls me a 'geek', even though I told her what it actually means.
- She calls me a 'freak'.
- 'How about no'
- She called my mum something really rude. God, is it rude. I mean the taboo of all taboos. 5 letter word starting with W. Rhymes with 'more'.
- 'go away you fat piece of s**t'
- 'go piss off'
- She threw a slipper at me
- She tried tripping me up in the hallway
- She sat on the stairs and stopped me from going upstairs
- When I said 'don't call me that' she says 'well I just did'
- 04/02/2006 - "Sad loser"
Current likeliness of me blocking MSN Messenger on Sarah's user name to stop bad influence from her 'friends': Unlikely
There are many more, I will document them all here to keep you updated.
And, for the record, she didn't have any reason for calling me these things. She just said them out at random.
Update 20/1/06: Her "friend", Kirstie, the other day, also called my 'gay' and a 'pervert'. I was just walking past her down the corridor and she just shouted those words out. Crazy b1tch. I am just not standing for this anymore.
Update 2/2/06: Kirstie and her friend Jasmine said "Oh, it's gay boy" while I was walking past them in school; and when I was in the LRC today she said "You really are gay". Does anybody have any links with the Mafia? I think I might need some outside help to KILL these annoying Year 8s. GGRR!!

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xxSunshineOnARainyDayxx wrote:
no but saying blud does lol
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Anonnonymouse wrote:
give ur sister a break. Surely she ad a reason to disrespect u

p.s - just coz i cnt spell annonymous dnt mean i am stupid blud.
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18 December 2005

Home & The Internet

The following is all stuff shown in the most recent edition of Click Online:
Microsoft Magic - A report about the new technogies Microsoft have created, including the 'Whereabouts Clock'.
Digital Tapestry - software to automatically merge multiple photographs together.
Snarf - A program to add in to Outlook that can learn about your most popuar contacts and orders their messages in priority of importance instead of date.
And... have you ever noticed on Peer 2 Peer downloading software (like LimeWire) that some files are fake and/or corrupt? Here's the reason why: certain sites like OverPeer are hosting them (read a report here).
And... there will soon be a Windows Media Player 11! The new version, by Microsoft and MTV, will allow users to download from over 2 million songs from their new website, 'Urge' (read report here).
And for those of you who like customising your desktop (well generally your computer), the Microsoft website has some free official desktop themes for you to try out, with 5 new pictures and a theme called 'Royale'. You can download these themes from here (requires validation).
Once you have downloaded the files, chuck the JPGs in C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper and run and install the Royale.zip program.
• To apply the pictures, right-click your desktop, click Properties and then the Desktop tab at the top. Choose your image from the scroll list and enjoy.
• To apply the new theme, right-click your desktop, click Properties then click the Appearance tab at the top. On the Windows and buttons drop-down list, there will be a new one called Media Center style and the Colour scheme drop-down will say Royale. Enjoy!

17 December 2005

Microsoft X-Box 360: Handle With Care

Click Online has done a report stating that the new X-Box 360 is dangerous because a very few number of X-Boxes have been found to overheat and 'lock-out'.
Microsoft has been sued for this design flaw because of safety. Read the BBC report here.

10 December 2005

LCD and Flat Panel: Read Text Easier

There is a tool that Microsoft have developed that can apparently, make text that is displayed on your screen easier to read. It's only meant to work for LCD and Flat Panel screens, like laptops, so don't use it if you have a CRT monitor. It's called the ClearType Tuner, a font technology.
Download the powertoy here, which allows you to access the settings from Control Panel.

7 December 2005

FTP Software - A Common Question

FTP stands for 'File Transfer Protocol', allowing you to manage your website without the HTML interface of 250m or GeoCities. It also allows you to login securely and more easily than on HTTP, and allows multiple files to be uploaded at once, but which is the best program to use?
I used to use FTP Commander from http://www.internet-soft.com/ftpcomm.htm, but after a while, it got annoying having to browse through the folders all the time to get to my local copy of my website. So I went looking for something else, and I found it:
Beyond Compare from http://www.scootersoftware.com/. This one can save two sets of folders as a project, so there's no need to browse through for them, and the comparison feature for looking into files is really good! No longer do I have to write down what I have updated on my site, Beyond Compare just tells me what has a more recent modification date than other files.
I will get some screenshots uploaded onto my website soon...

6 December 2005

Cracks Websites - A Common Question

So where do you get your cracks from? My favourite website is www.crackspider.net because it searches all the top cracks, patches, keygens and serial numbers websites including mscracks.com, anycracks.com, freeserials.com and cracks.am.
So I even added crackspider to my Internet Explorer auto-search (in the address bar) to quickly search for cracks.
Find out more about the auto-search feature here (for some registry edits) and here for the application Tweak UI.
Update 24/12 - CrackSpider is technically classified as a legal website because IT DOES NOT HOST ANY CRACKS itself. That means the website can't be shut down for any illegal material, because it doesn't have any. It only links to websites that do.

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bla wrote:
u wanna put ureself n every1 else in jail dude? stop posting stuff bout cracks n shit.
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Wholemeal_Ed wrote:
My christ your a geek.
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Mr_Bungle wrote:
Get a fucking life u geek!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do u have any friends
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Security Holes

Click Online suggested this website a couple of weeks ago about its Internet Connection Speed Test, but after briefly looking through the website, I found out about something quite shocking.
This page, http://www.internetfrog.com/mypc/browserinfo/, shows you all the details about your browser, but is also able to find out what's on your clipboard. I personally think that this level of access is highly dangerous, so if you're on dodgy websites like crack websites, I'd be careful if you have something like Credit Card details on your clipboard.
I am looking into this 'security hole' and I am trying to find something that could stop it or at least overrride it.
In the meantime, I highly suggest you go to this page to check your version of Java Runtime - a recent update was released (Update 6) because 3 very dangerous security holes have been found in the program, and, as usual, with the ability to run software on your computer remotely.

3 December 2005


Here is the final official link to give feedback on many areas of MSN and Microsoft: http://support.msn.com/
Here is a report about a virus vulnerability found in the Sun Java Runtime program: click here.
Download the latest Update 6.0 here: http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp
Here are some websites that can test how good your popup-blocker is working (I wish to improve this list soon):

28 November 2005

.:: Games zONE ::.

A little while back on holiday at the Isle of Wight, my dad brought along his Pocket PC that he was given for receiving emails from work. And of course, being my dad, he went and explored some of the games on it and I happened to look over his should and notice he was playing a game called 'Jawbreaker'. So eventually, we all started playing it as we found it really cool and mind-challenging.
So when we got back, I went looking on the good old 'net for a Windows XP version - and I found one called 'Jannie Balls'. I know there are some other ones out there, but Jannie Balls seemed to be the only good one at the time, so we all stuck with it.
The Jannie Balls website is here, but you can do a Google Search for others here.
Also, on the Isle of Wight, we went to see the 'Waltzing Waters', one of the most spectular water shows in the world. You can visit the official homepage here for pictures, video clips and more info.

27 November 2005

Charity Work @ Home

There is a program I found out about maybe a month ago called 'World Community Grid', which is a program created by IBM (the current creators of the world's faster computer Blue-Gene/L) to conduct research into human proteins and organic processes for scientfic needs and advantages. Visit the homepage here.

This is how it works: Once registered, your computer will connect to the World Community Grid server and download the first project, 'Human Proteome Folding'. All you then need to do is set your preferences (like how many GB you will allocate it), and then whenever you're not using your computer, like if a screensaver is running, the WCG Agent can be run to continue its research. And when you come back, the program will close and you won't even notice it was running. If you don't want it to run itself, you can load the program manually and it will sit in the System Tray if you need to open it.

So that means that its a very good global method of using the wasted energy for good instead of bad. And because there are so many contributors to this research, many projects are submitted and overall makes a whole load of processing energy! Accordingly, this project would have taken 12 years to do, but because so many people have taken part, it has been completed in 12 months! The next project is called 'Fight AIDS @ Home'. I leave it on most of the time, and although the process CPU usage says its taking 99% of my resources, I can still work perfectly fine with all my programs and without any interruptions - I just leave it on in the background to do its thing. I just think its a very good idea - to know that when your in the kitchen grabbing some food, some good is being done at minimum. Enjoy it!

Update 18/12 - Click Online has also suggested two websites you can visit that give free food and services to those who need it, just by visiting their pages. The first one is www.stopthehunger.com and a whole collection of them are on here: www.thehungersite.com

Read more: http://bphelmet.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!75FE152C300ACC6!844.entry

Cool HTML/CSS Effects

Try out this page. Seriously. This is a really wicked effects code genreator. There are so many more effects than I thought were possible! There are some really excellent filters and transitions for you to use on your webpages.

26 November 2005

New Influence

A midday film was shown on C4 on Thursday (so I had to tape it) called 'Odd Girl Out', with Alexa Vega (from Spy Kids). It was quite a reasonable and touching insight into the world of the victims of bullying (fits in nicely with Anti-Bullying Week!), and it seems to have made some kind of influence in my work and trail of thought. Just to let you know, I thought it was quite good. You can check out the IMDb section here.
One thing I've learnt from it is that you shouldn't hide problems, but instead, talk about them to others - people who you can trust. Some of the things that Vanessa did to herself in the film; I just had to stop the tape and think.

Flash Cartoons

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right, we were in Geography Pd 1, and we went to the LRC to do some research on out recent trip to Epping Forest. So you can probably guess what happened - not much work was done, idiots visiting websites, yadda yadda yadda. But then all of a sudden my friends and I heard a really weird tune. Anyway, we found the website it was coming from, and we couldn't stop laughing - we sang it all through the lesson (well not actually because we forgot how it went :( ). So here it is: Bananaphone. Sounds weird but it is funny.
So I decided to do some research into this instead of some old forest:
The badgers in the animation and their previous adaptations come from here (Wikipedia Definition).
The hype and reason for this version is explained here (also Wikipedia).
And another one was made - watch it here.
And there is another one which someone suggested to me: "She Frickin' Blocked Me", SWF file here.

24 November 2005

A Personal Note

I would just like to say a great big thank you to all who have visited my MSN Space, my website, and most importantly to those who have posted comments on here, on my MailMe page and on my guestbook.

Thank You!

Picture of Anonymous
Luca wrote:
Hey mate.
I am constantly visiting your new 2 pages which are highlighted in red on your website. I cnt wait till you add some more stuff. Thanks for the wicked links for the power toys for XP.
Nov. 26 | Delete

Download Music - A Common Question

This blog is for all those who have asked me what I use to download music, enjoy it. Thanks to one of best friends for suggesting this program to me!
LimeWire - download from limewire.com - you can download it directly here (or use the offline installer here).
The program, a peer to peer (P2P) network, is perfectly legal and safe - but downloading or sharing (technically "distributing") music or video is illegal.
There is no spyware and there are no viruses attached to the installer of this program as it can be purchsed for a price - so the company will not include threats within their software as they would lose customers.

eBay & PS1 Memory Cards... Now which one did I save my game on?

Finally! I won one of my favourite PlayStation games tonight - Spyro 2: Gateway To Glimmer. Won it @ £5.50 and postage at £1.50 so overall £7 out of paper round money!
Childish, I know, but the music on the level 'Fracture Hills' is just irrestable (I borrowed a friend's game before).
And it's a good game plot, graphics, levels and characters as well - a real good challenge.
Update 22/11: I installed the eBay toolbar to alert/notify me of when the bidding time runs out, and after a few minutes of installing it, Norton Internet Security brought up a message saying my computer was infected with a virus! It was called Trojan.Adclicker and the file was C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\autoupdatev2.exe
So... eBay users - be careful when using the toolbar!!!

Picture of Anonymous
LucaMacis2 wrote:
HAHA! Congrats Rob
You've got the eBay bug now. You'll be constantly on it like me! lol
Nov. 26 | Delete

Picture of Anonymous
__________imi____ wrote:
THAT IS THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD- ive been lookin 4 it 4 ages - is fracture hils that scottish one where u jump on bouldered ppl? and free the scottish things?
i rly want that again, i dropped it down a floorboard....

what a legendary game..
sorry for that outburst
Nov. 26 | Delete

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xxSunshineOnARainyDayxx wrote:
thats cool, congrats! i would probably end up gettng scammed on ebay lol
Nov. 24 | Delete

15 November 2005

The Future Insight of Technology

Just a couple of links to some new software released (or soon to be) that really have some new intiatives.
  • Microsoft is working on a new Operating System: Windows Vista. This is the offcial homepage with a few details. The font you may have seen supporting this new OS is called Segoe UI.
  • Adobe Photoshop: The professional standard in desktop digital imaging. Just look at the features guide, amazing.
  • Adobe Illustrator: Vector graphics reinvented. This is another popular Adobe imaging software masterpiece.
  • And also, if you have a Genuine Windows, you can download extra FREE software from the Microsoft Website. Click here for the downloads homepage or click here for the Genuine Windows Offers.
    Another good Microsoft Windows downloads resource website is WMPlugins.com, a website for Windows Media Player 9 and 10 plug-ins and enhancements. Quick links: Skins | Visualizations | Codecs
    Update 17/11 - Newsround did a report today about a wind-up laptop called "the green machine" for children in developing countires. You use a handle to charge the laptop (1 minute of turns gives 40 mins of electric time) and it only costs £60 ($100)! It has a 500mhz processor and 1GB memory (eeek!) and Linux (because it's an open-source free Operating System) but even Google and AMD have put some money into it! View Report: New Scientist | BBC.
    For those out there who want some pictures of new beta Microsoft products, see these links:

    12 November 2005

    Define Me

    Definition from the Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus:
    geek (noun) (Slang)
    1 a boring and unattractive social misfit
    2 a degenerate
    [C19: probably variant of Scottish geck fool, from Middle Low German geck.]
    NOT a computer attachment or obsessionist. But I suppose you can call me a geek just because several wesbites happen to define a geek as being someone who does have a popular taste with computers, although not a fully correct definition. Although I am definetly 'unattractive' (and maybe boring), which would explain why I don't 'hang' or 'go out', I am not a social misfit. So please don't call me a geek, because I'm not.
    Update 20/11 - This blog entry does not mean I am what I have defined, it is merely a correction when people use this statement. Plus, I am an individual (but what the hell has that got to with this?), and *if* you would happen to read my space, you will see that I wrote a blog called 'Quote', in which I have stated that being an individual is important anyway, qualified by the Active Listeners themselves. So ner!
    Update 10/12 - It seems that many comments posted on my blogs state that I am a geek and should get some friends. I would like to say to those people that I have many good friends at school, some which mean a lot more to me than anything else.
    Read an article from Yahoo here about nerds, geeks and dorks.

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    xxSunshineOnARainyDayxx wrote:
    you spelt it wrong- and its hayley :P
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    Luca wrote:
    Totally agree with sunshineonaraindyday. whoever the hell she is. lol.
    Be yourself so that no one can judge u
    Nov. 20 | Delete

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    xxSunshineOnARainyDayxx wrote:
    dont listen to people who say you're a geek, nobodys a geek- labels shouldn't exist! :) everybody is individual
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    PlayStation.com Information

    << If you register your PlayStation 2, you get a free Starter Pack with a Demo CD, Network Access Disc, PlayStation ID card, and a free copy of the game 'Hardware: Online Arena'.
    >> If you have a SLIMLINE PlayStation 2, you are required to order a new replacement AC Adaptor immediately (free of charge) as there is the possibility of a fault in the Adaptor, which could lead to overheating, and even melting. FAQ here.

    30 October 2005


    I really like this quote. I would fit it in my screen name but there is a limit to the character length on that.
    To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.
    ~Ecclesiastes 3:1-4~
    Nope, I don't read The Bible or go to church. I found this quote as the default message for a screensaver. Cute.
    Another quote, which saved my life, comes from The Active Listeners at KHS. I hope they know that their ideas and help are very much appreciated. Be who you want to be, not who others choose to see.
    Effectively, it means that you should live your life how you want it and how you like it, not how everybody else does (friends, relatives, even just a stereotype on a group of people). So, goodbye, Firefox!
    Another one that ties into this one quite well is the idea that we should be individuals - we don't all have the same jobs, ambitions, dreams or choices as anyone else - so what we do ourselves is out own decision - we don't need to compare ourselves against others. One of the very interesting things you can get out of this is the idea of the fact that we all have our strengths and weaknesses - we may see someone else who does better that we do (in our own opinion), and we may feel terrible because of it, maybe sometimes like you wish for things, or even that you think you can't cope with life anymore, but if you think outside the box, you would probably have noticed that they also have weaknesses - and you have strengths where they fail to succeed as far as you. There are many pressures that are put on us, especially when we start to notice the world in a much bigger view and find purposes for actions, responsiblites and that weird thing called money(!). So just think of this idea, this quote, this perspective, this concept. It's a life-saver.
    And... TV *is* inspiring, e.g. The Simpsons. Yes, very funny, but it also includes some very touching speech:
    Lisa: This is our pet. We can question his integrity and disposition, but we can't question his heart. Are you trying to teach us that the way to solve a problem with something we love is to throw it away?
    Homer: [weeping] Oh, Lisa. If they're ever going to pull the plug on me, I want you in my corner, honey.
    Retrieved from http://www.snpp.com/episodes/7F14.html, episode 'Bart's Dog Gets an F'.

    Picture of Anonymous
    xxSunshineOnARainyDayxx wrote:
    SXC playgirl youre a bitch, why dont you get a life and go annoy someone else?
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    SXC•··Playgirl··•1 wrote:
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    Jasmine_Dude17 wrote:
    Hi! Im bored! Wooohooo! Its sunday morning! YAY :D!
    ***Burn The Chavz***
    Bye xxxxxxx
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    xxSunshineOnARainyDayxx wrote:
    hey i like this one-
    "I wish I was a glow worm cos a glow worm's never glum- how can you be grumpy if the sun shines out your bum?" obviously thats why i have it as my msn name lol- not quite the same but hey...
    Nov. 3 | Delete

    29 October 2005

    Off-Topic for Today: Who is LOL?

    I have finally made a post that relates to my life! This blog, and maybe some others I will post, will contain 'random stuff'. Generally, just ideas for the day or something.
    Firstly, I ordered a PS2 game on Saturday 22nd, 'Enter The Matrix', and it finally came a week later! I ordered it from Amazon.co.uk (of which I highly recommend) and from a new seller on their site, saying it was 'Like New'. Anyway, so when it came, they spelt my name wrong on the package (I'm just finding as many ways as possible to disrespect the seller), the casing was all tatty, and even worse, there were fingerprints all over the shiny part of the disc! It was really dirty! And I mean *really* dirty! So in that case I sent my feedback to the seller today with a low rating of 1/5. I eventually cleaned the CD up with instructions I got with my Dell Computer: "use a soft, lint-free [something that leaves no fibres on the surface] cloth and wipe from the centre to the outside, NOT in a circular motion" and it cleaned it up really well (thank you little cloth on my glasses case! lol). So, in conclusion, I learned to never buy from a new or lowly-rated seller from Amazon. Simple.
    Second - it's my sister's birthday tomorrow, and I had to get her a card. I, of course, went to the new Tescos, but when I got there, there were no cards that said 13 on them! I thought about being practical and buying two cards, one with 6 on it and another with 7 (funny lol), but I didn't have enough money :( I got a Sister card in the end anyway :)

    27 October 2005

    Reality Bytes: Protect your Computer from the Internet

    Here are a few details of a report that The Gadget Show did that might interest some of you out there...
    Viruses can come from emails, software downloaded from the Internet, or even just leaving the Internet on.
    Users should be careful of software like e.g. Kazaa because some shared files may just be viruses.
    The Gadget show also did an example of how dangerous the Interent is:
  • They set up a new computer - no protection installed or actiavted, Windows XP Pro with basic SP2 installed
  • During the first 45 minutes there wasn't a lot of crticical spyware or viruses installed.
  • A few minutes after, a zero-day exploit (worm that takes advantage of a security vulnerability as it becomes better known e.g. in media) infected the computer with the worm 'Sasser' (with the override program lsass.exe - the original is a Windows logon program) - it was then detected by the file management and task/process status logger and started to majorly affect the computer.
  • All the viruses together opened 500 internet connections in the network, and over 36,000 files were created and changed on the computer's hard drive, in just that time.
  • The energy resources were dramatically reduced to a point on the computer where the Operating System completely failed to load and 'died' - it was infected with so much malware that it was not possible to start or use the computer anymore without professional support.
    And... BBC's Click Online programme (I seem to talk about that so much I must be an advertiser) also did a similar test - and it took the computer only 8 seconds to become infected with the Sasser exploit! View the report.
    So that's how dangerous the Internet is. Shocking. And it's only getting worse with new viruses released every day. So here are a few links you can visit to help protect your computer from those Internet hazards:
    1) Get a firewall installed before connecting to the Internet - they recommend Zone Alarm.
    2) Install all the Windows Updates and optionally the Microsoft Updates.
    3) Install a Anti-Virus software protection. They recommend a FREE program - avast! antivirus.
    If you want to find out about other protection or security software, I have some suggestions on my Programs and Software page on my website. Click the links for 'System Maintenance' and 'Security & Settings'.
    I also have a link to Symantec Security Check, that will analyse your computer for possible vulnerablities and then give details on how to solve them. This includes threats from viruses (you can choose to do a full scan of your computer), outdated virus definitions and protection software products, hacker exposure, Windows vulnerability and trojan horse check. Just simply install the ActiveX when prompted. The Security Scan option will take about 2-3 minutes to complete and then give you details of all the ports and whether they are open, closed, or in stealth. Don't worry about port 80, because that one allows access to the Internet!
    And... on the subject of security, The Gadget Show also did a report about accounting passwords. You can visit this page to safely test how strong your password is and then read the tips below your result to learn how to make it stronger. You have to actually click the Submit button to confirm your password entry. Microsoft have also set one up here.
    Plus... a link to an alternative of passwords - Passfaces. It sounds weird, but it is actually more secure and safe to remember a face of someone in a whole crowd of possibilities rather than a set of letters and numbers.
    Read the report that Click ("Online") did about spyware here.
    You can also watch an example of how spyware infects your computer here.

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    moi_me_hehe wrote:
    Cool site :) The law and order thing for the ages of 16, 17 and 18 i found interesting lol! (sad i know)
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    Picture of Anonymous
    Zoƫ xoxox wrote:
    You are amazing. EVery blog I've ever seen (including my own) is about random crap that nobody cares aboot. But ures is amazing. Well done x
    Oct. 27 | Delete

    19 October 2005

    "Euro English"

    This is an old message that was passed on to me (yes, I know it's chain mail, but it's not threatening and it's funny).

    Euro English

    The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the European Union rather than German, which was the other possibility. As part of the negotiations, the British Government conceded that English spelling had some room for improvement and has accepted a 5- year phase-in plan that would become known as "Euro-English".

    In the first year, "s" will replace the soft "c". Sertainly, this will make the sivil servants jump with joy. The hard "c" will be dropped in favour of "k". This should klear up konfusion, and keyboards kan have one less letter.

    There will be growing publik enthusiasm in the sekond year when the troublesome "ph" will be replaced with "f". This will make words like fotograf 20% shorter.

    In the 3rd year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan be expekted to reach the stage where more komplikated changes are possible.

    Governments will enkourage the removal of double letters which have always ben a deterent to akurate speling. Also, al wil agre that the horibl mes of the silent "e" in the languag is disgrasful and it should go away.

    By the 4th yer people wil be reseptiv to steps such as replasing "th" with "z" and "w" with "v".

    During ze fifz yer, ze unesesary "o" kan be dropd from vords kontaining "ou" and after ziz fifz yer, ve vil hav a reil sensibl riten styl.

    Zer vil be no mor trubl or difikultis and evrivun vil find it ezi tu understand ech oza. Ze drem of a united urop vil finali kum tru. Und efter ze fifz yer, ve vil al be speking German like zey vunted in ze forst plas.

    If zis mad you smil, pleas pas on to oza pepl.

    Picture of Anonymous
    PhotoDirect wrote:
    lol, that is hillarious! I like it
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    Picture of Anonymous
    SatanicPoopCan wrote:
    Haha, yes it made me smile.

    Ooh, go water bearers <3.

    Just passing throughhh.

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    16 October 2005

    General Things and Stuff

    I hate...

  • FIREFOX BROWSER AND MSN TOOLBAR - tabbed browsing is just so f**king difficult to use. Someone serious like me needs to switch between windows and webpages easily, not grouped together. Same for the 'Group similar taskbar buttons' on the Windows XP start menu/taskbar. In which case, I disabled that annoying feature. I am dreading Internet Explorer 7!... Firefox will always be second best in my eyes - I only have it installed if I have problems with IE (like Norton Internet Security bugging the Internet Access thing again).
  • APPLE - don't even go there. Wasting my time already. The iPod aswell. Give me an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) and I'll wipe the entire range of Apple products out. Goodbye, Steve Jobs! This is uncalled for, Apple make decent, innovative products and Steve Jobs was wonderful.
  • DOGS - I'm allergic to them so stuff 'em. *turns into Cruella DeVil* "Skin their coats. All of 'em! Dirty mongrels!" I'm no longer allergic and I love dogs.
    -- on the subject of sister and mother looking up websites to adopt a Cavalier King Charles.
  • SPIDERS - just remember them as being 'small beasts with too many legs'. Uurrgghh...
  • NEWS UPDATE! - The Sun has produced an article saying that 80% of UK 25-35 year-olds are scared of spiders!
    Here's some other random stuff I was thinking about...

  • MSN Video - some really funny short clips from all over the media. Updated quite often.
  • Your Rights at 16 Years of Age - haven't they missed out 'Allowed to buy a lottery ticket'?
  • Wikipedia definition of Chav - it's official, Asbo and Chav have both entered the dictionary (see BBC News).
  • M4A.com - The new, better quality, smaller resulting file size and LEGAL (free) audio file type than MP3 or MP4. This website gives all the info about the new sound/music format and explains why it's better than MP3.
  • Here's some quote off some guy who was on Jack Dee Live At The Apollo:
    I'm not talking 'floppy disc', I'm talking 'hard drive', 'major ram', 'memory stick'...
    Here's another really interesting set of 'facts' that Jasper Carrott talked about in one of his shows:
    Children are a lot like old people:

  • they only eat mushy food
  • they both require medication (Carrott's example was 'teenagers and old people use drugs')
  • when talking to them you have to pronounce your sentences clearly otherwise they don't understand you
  • they make very big holes in your pocket, e.g. injections
  • Amazing that, isn't it?

    Picture of Anonymous

    Luca wrote:
    I wouldnt say firefox is crap. I used to use it too! But stick with Internet Explorer for ya basic web browsing needs. For the extra plugins (eg: Isohunt plugin) then go for firefox

    Msn toolbar sucks. u got that rite
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    Picture of Anonymous

    devilsdreamer wrote:
    Firefox kicks:P

    You silly young child of the age of 15 :P haven’t you grasped the accessorising possibilities of firefox. Tis mucho better compared to the joys of IE.
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    8 October 2005

    "Don't mess with Agent Smith, Mess with MSN Messenger"

    Here are a few things I posted on my website... I think I will move them over to here permanently.
  • Mess-Names.com - Some really good and funny names you could use for your screen name.
  • Web Messenger - A web-based version of MSN Messenger to use on computers that don't have the real thing installed. This online utility would only be really good if it wasn't blocked at school, as my friend pointed out!
  • Advert Banner Removers - From this page, choose the appropriate download for your version of MSN Messenger, then save to [C:/Program Files/MSN Messenger]. With the patch, you will be able to remove the advertisement banner, 'Add a Contact' bar, search bar and buttons, all buttons, and much more! Patching MSN gives you the ability to customise all of its features, makes it look less cluttered, and have extra tools!
  • Mess.be - Not my favourite website due to the bad interface, but it has some little surprises hidden in the 'mess' (get it??? lol), like an image list of all the emoticons (see right) and some hidden ones as well! (e.g. (xx) is an X-Box)

  • Picture of Anonymous
    -bossplw- wrote:
    ur popular =P
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    Clicketyclick9 wrote:
    hi like the space my addy is g_l_u_g@hotmail.co.uk plz add me luv lottie
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    ellie wrote:
    hey nice space ? no pics ov you tho !
    add me 2 msn > ellyD_2k5@hotmail.co.uk
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    [ARCHIVE] Reality Bytes: When Technology Turns Bad...

    This article has been archived and updated to a newer version, however, this blog is intact for reference reasons.
    I had problems when playing my downloaded AVI files (The New Series of Doctor Who, if you want to know) on Windows Media Player tonight. They kept playing and making a green shuddering like the Matrix or something - so I knew it had to be the Xvid Codec that I recently installed. But when I uninstalled it, there was no video, just sound could play!
    So I looked around for some free Xvid/DivX codecs and finally came across DivX Play Bundle 6.0.3. It now plays my files perfectly and without any shuddering. Download the Windows XP/2000 version at this link or download the Windows ME/98 version (v2.6) at this link (direct download links).
    I also have another link some of you may find useful - anybody who downloads movies will know that playing incomplete files is a useful thing, but some users will also know that Windows Media Player can't play incomplete files... so I used Google to find a free player and here it is: the VLC Media Player. Direct download here. VLC can play many audio/video formats, including DVD/CD and even streams. See this page for the full features list.
    I hope this comes in use to someone else who may have the same problem. Enjoy!

    Picture of Anonymous
    Luca wrote:
    hey, i had the same problem. I downloaded this codec to that YOU suggested then it f*cked up n it went all green. I uninstalled it then it went bk to normal. u were just unlucky m8

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    5 October 2005

    Feeling Ill, Tired or Depressed? Remember: It's All In The Mind...

    I was ill a week ago with that weird bug "going round". Here's a life-changing tip to beat it, and all the viruses or diseases you catch in the future.
    Stay strong in the mind... that's what I do. I denied every second that I was ill, even thugh I had some of the worst pain. I said to myself "no, I'm not ill, I'm not wasting my time, I'm gonna do something with my life."
    And I felt much better when I thought that. I did orginally 'feel' I was dying, but I denied it.
    I had: aching feet when twisting them, a very sore throat when swallowing and when waking up in the morning, a very bad cold and lots of phlegm, a constantly blocked nose, general headaches, tiredness, mild depression, slight lack of concentration, striking pains in my head from my ear to my throat (possibly an infection), mouth ulcers, constantly flaking skin on lips, increased acne, difficulty sleeping, a lack of appetite, and aching pains down my legs, on my back, on my chest and down both arms.
    But I beat all that. Every single 'feeling', I was able to eliminate, forget about, not bother thinking or waste my energy on. I would like to say something very sensitive to previous events that have happened (I am solving them with help from and thanks to the Active Listeners, Connexions Advisor Julie Kay and Angie Pearson) on this space, but it is not a good influence to mention it. You can probably guess - it was at a highly critical stage of thought. But at a certain point, my ambition - my adrenaline - just starting pumping - a desire to escape the world of stress, isolation in a world of illness - and become stronger. And I just instantly became more alive. I just felt so much better. And you can do the same.
    And the weird thing is... I didn't take any medicine that week. Okay, maybe some Soothers for my sore throat, but no pain killers. No anti-virus. Just pure spirit.
    So when you're sitting in bed thinking that you're gonna die, and that the world around you could do better without you, as they don't seem to care anyway, you feel terrible, and you can only imagine yourself becoming weaker, remember what I have told you here. Think of the things you could be doing. Don't waste you're time and life just sitting there! And if you can't think of anything that makes you happy, then you haven't lived.
    I have a feeling there's gonna be a debate, controversy or complaint about this, or at least someone against me or who thinks I'm strange or annoying to state life-changing things that I don't have any evidence on. But just remember what I have written. The truth. The hopeful truth. A useful note from a reliable, trustworthy and generally situation-serious friend. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have learnt something. If you haven't - don't worry - it's your life.

    Picture of Anonymous
    Rockin_N_Rollin_Sha-Sha wrote:

    pretty wise thing to do...

    cool space
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    Picture of Anonymous
    Patrick wrote:
    yeh you could do that or

    get some medicine and a couple days off work/school :D
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