15 September 2015

Meaning of life

I used to think the meaning of life was:

  • To survive
  • What you make it / your oyster

These may still stand as true, but I can distinguish the meaning of living:

It's what you do in life that defines you. It's what you do for people that makes you worth something.

Be it looking after a family and helping your friends, to inspiring millions as an actor in a movie. It's about loving people. Life is about spreading your influence and helping others - to as many people as possible. It's about kindness, compassion and heart. How many people have you helped? Have you made the world a better place?

Life isn't about being individually happy - no man is an island. It's about making other people happy.

Features of the next IDE

  • Insert example "for" blocks into code, like templates. Do for everything. Make code readable like a natural language
  • Offer alternatives to what you are writing e.g. from an open source compendium of written code e.g. from stackoverflow, integrated right into the IDE.
  • Save different versions of the same function and integrate seamlessly with version control system to see history of the code and functions
  • Automatically tell you when functions are getting too long
  • Help you to stick to conventions e.g. pep 8 etc
  • Automatically checks for usings and reduces them to the minimal amounts - suggests them if they aren't already listed