15 June 2007

Proving a point

I think this battle had gone on for long enough now. That's why I read an article about which OS is the best. And what did I find out, hmm?
I finally found proof for why Macs are still as insecure as Windows. (Sorry to any of you non-techies but this is very involved. lol)

<--------- Right here!!!

And the proof is below........ Now that's settled... um, it's back to the daydreams of having enough money to buy a mac!

7 June 2007

Download ANY Music from MySpace!!!!!

To download ANY music from MySpace, follow these easy and simple steps.
This works even if the "Download" link doesn't work or isn't available. It's really cool once you know this hack.

First, visit the MySpace page with the music on it. Play a track that you want, then wait until about halfway through the song. This is so that the mp3 file is downloaded completely before you try to copy it. You can tell if it has downloaded a certain track by looking at your internet connection icon in the 'system tray'. (The bottom right of your screen should have a little icon with two computer screens. If they are not blinking then the download is done.)

Now, to get to where they have been downloaded to, type this in Internet Explorer's address bar (where it says http://..... at the top of the screen):

%USERPROFILE%/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files

If you have IE6 then the folder will open in the same window. If you have IE7 then it will open in a new window (it's a security feature, apparently).

Now, once you're in there, the music you played will be in mp3 files. To find them easily, click any white space in the folder, then on your keyboard, just type "std" (for some reason all the music you play on MySpace starts with that). It will skip down to the music file(s).

Then all you have to do is select each one and copy it to your My Documents or Desktop or wherever. Then you can change the name of each file to whatever you want. Now it's your for free! Happy listening!

Note: You can also do this for other sites with Flash and music. I wrote a blog a little while ago with more specific details for the MediEvil Resurrection website as an example:

You can download the complete game soundtrack off the website. I did this by emptying my Internet Explorer temporary files first, then visiting the website and playing all the tracks on the "Audio" button - not switching tracks until each of them had finished loading/downloading. Then, once each track was finished, I simply browsed to my IE temp folder and copied the MP3 music files which Flash saved in there. This also allowed me to get the URLs from each MP3's Properties when it was still in the Temp folder, e.g. http://fp.scea.com/PSP/Games/MediEvil_Resurrection/OGS/music/Cemetery_Hill.mp3

Luca Maciswrote:
Smart ass :-P lol :-D
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5 June 2007

Spotting Chain Mail

Here is a chain mail I got today from one of my friends. I will describe clearly in red where you can tell that the chain mail is lying.

Subject: Marks and Spencers
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 17:07:03 +0100

Marks & Spencers, in conjunction with Persimmon Homes, are giving away free

Marks & Spencers are trying word-of-mouth advertising to introduce its
products and the reward you receive for advertising for them is free
non-refundable vouchers to be used in any M&S store.

To receive your free vouchers by e-mail all you have to do is to send this <<--- Here. Total lies.
email out to 8 people (for £100 of free vouchers) or 20 people (for £500 of
free vouchers).

Within 2 weeks you will receive an e-mail with your vouchers attached. They
will contact you through your e-mail address. <<--- Liar!
Please mark a copy to: Andy.curran@persimmonhomes.com

Let's discuss. Let me put this straight and simple. If you forward the email to 8 or 20 people, or loads more people, you will not get an email back "with your vounchers attached". No way. Nada. Uh-uh. Even though it says that you will, you won't. There is no way on this earth that someone will be watching your email to see how many people you send it to. No way. Never. Not in a million years.
And for the record, if they were able to do that, your account would have to have been hacked to do that.
Another example I've heard of before is something like "a window will appear on your screen after you have forwarded the email and you can claim your gift." I'm sure you've guessed where the lie is here. No window will appear. If it did, it means your computer is hacked. It's that simple. There is no way an email can cause other things to happen. An email is just an email. A message. Nothing more.
So please, people, do not sent out chain mails. They are not real. They are a waste of time and energy. I'm sure you agree.