20 October 2013

Existential Thoughts on The Meaning of Life

Wrote this and left in draft about 2 years ago, just a mind dump really. Finally decided to clean it up a bit and publish. I will add some pictures and diagrams when I can be bothered.

Why do we want to be happy and why do we bathe in sadness?
Why do we exist in this universe?
What is the point of being alive?
Why do we have all these intricate emotions and feelings?

How do we exist beyond death?
If we died, what would be be, would it be like Amnesia where we float in another dimension and are able to meet other souls who can communicate with us, would that be the rest of our lives? In that case we had emotions, but emotions are human, they are neurotransmissions sent around the brain to stimulate a reaction, invoke a memory and therefore craft a response or change the internal structure of the neurons by creating and adapting new memories. How could you possibly have this in a soul that doesn't have a body?

Senses are the things of living creatures, not of spiritual soul beings. It would not be possible to interact with the world unless there really are things such as ghosts, the flotsam and jetsam of Torchwood that seeps through from the beyond and touches with our reality - but that is just a fantasy idea to make us believe there isn't nothing after the end of our lives.

So why do we exist, why do we have this capacity for free will and choice and knowledge and emotion and a desire to be intelligent, the intelligent people are more likely to survive and adapt to situations and make sense of the world rather than an ignorant fat lazy cow sitting in some council flat thinking about Big Brother and her hair and her kids and all the taxes and her husband and candles are the most important things in the world.

So what can we actually do when we are interacting with the rest of the world when we are dead. Nothing. We could be sitting in darkness. But consciousness is an entirely human thing is it not? How would something like that transform into another state and exist our bodies or live on and what would happen after millions and millions of years. Maybe the reason we have happiness is just an extra extension that we have evolved and there is no afterlife.

Then why are we actually alive? What real difference will it make if we were actually all dead right now? What if the entire universe didn't exist. What if nothing existed? Why do we exist? Why do things have to be this way? Is our goal to keep ourselves and the rest of the species alive as much as possible? Like with food and so on. Can we get to a point when we don't need food or bodies anymore? Imagine yourself being dead right now, how would that impact the human race and the rest of the world. It doesn't matter how it affects people because they are just people, they will live. There are so many people, why does it make a difference?

Why do we have banter and why do we have sadness? Is sadness meant to keep us going and make us a better person so that we can be stronger next time? But why do we bathe in it and let ourselves be upset and not do anything about it? Why do we stay single? What is the point in being happy?

Is there a point in being really rich or very poor, surely if we wanted to keep as many of our numbers alive as possible we would need to give money from the top rich people and give it to the poor so that as many people as possible can survive in the world, and then we would have to make sure food supplies and drink can derive. Will we really end up at a point when some of us start dying off like any other bacteria because we cannot live in our environment anymore, or will it be the environment we have to worry about more, re: are we actually a sustainable species or not?

Why do we need any money at all, why are we so caught up about £10?

What if we stripped our bodies down to be like that of another creature, like a whale. All whales do is eat, search around for food, communicate with others, and breed offspring. It's a basic life. What about dogs, they have a lot of energy, maybe they have emotions as well. Maybe they can feel happy and sad. Maybe all animals can feel happy and sad, but why do we need to feel happy and why don't we do anything about being sad? Or are there lots of people who just don't give into sadness?

Why starve yourself - it helps you to adapt to situations where there is little food

Why do gays exist in humanity - why does it exist in other animals - one example because some species i.e. lizards can reproduce without any male counterpart, they can survive on their own

A picture of how many gays there are in the world (5%) and how many curious people there are in the world (10%), how much would it fill a country, are there still 7 billion people in the world.

...insert picture...

We get urges because they are calls to enable our bodies to survive, they are things we don't get a lot of control over, we can postpone them and keep ourselves occupied but they do indeed are the prime source of all behaviour

Everything else is secondary - entertainment, music...
Why do we need to be happy? What does it enable us to do?

How small we are in the universe

...insert picture...

Explain survival of bacteria, we are a lifeform that has covered the planet, a very successful life form being able to live in a multitude of environments.

.insert explanation...

Why are we so small in the universe?
Maybe each sun and black hole is an experiment, an individual test to see if life can survive there.
Maybe we are meant to extend our reach to the edge of the universe an exit a great big round sphere that someone else has in their lab.
But then why do they exist, are there other instances of life that exist somewhere else in the universe - probably yes but far far away from us in entirely different circumstances

Show a timeline of the history of the universe then when life probably began one earth then the dinosaurs then humanity and how much longer our earth and sun will survive and when the predicted end of the universe is
Put in the end of the dinosaurs as well as other threats to us like asteroids and sun flares and polar changes etc

.insert picture...

We are so small, there is just us on earth and a space station and people who've been to the local area
But there is just so much space between planets and stuff, maybe we are not meant to be able to travel to the edge of the universe, maybe there is a reason everything is so far apart, maybe we are just fumbling in the dark, or maybe we need to try and drive as long as we can, maybe we are a test.