18 March 2007


I was just wondering... considering the normal 'male' stereotypes - am I really male?

Sorry, did I just confuse you? Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • Most men like drinking alcohol. As for me, I don't drink at all.
  • Most men like sports, especially football. As for me, I hate football (and generally most sports), and I am rubbish at playing them!
  • Most men are into the latest cars and watch Top Gear. Yeah - you guessed it. Not for me.

The only other thing left is... well, you know - the trouser department. But I'm not - the other type. I'm straight. Damn straight.

I just must be a really mixed up man then!

What do you think? Do I really have to love drinking, football and cars to be classified as a man?

Sorry, this is a slightly weird topic to discuss!

Nah m8, i think ur of a man than some. You dont like sports, u like HTML instead, u dont like cars, computers instead, u get the gist. And as for the alcohol, i salute you for not drinkin, i dont either. Ur a top guy m8, dont let anyone tell u otherwis. You are a serious playa, but ur just into otha sorts of stuff. Dont worry m8, your a cool cat. Laters, Skeefy!
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4 March 2007

A Scary Question

After finally getting a form to apply for my driving licence, I was reading the form and found this very private and scary question:

What an awful question to ask? Do I want to give away my body parts? Why didn't they ask me this, like, when I was 13 years old? Someone told me probably because most organ donataions come from people in car accidents!


3 March 2007

Mysteries of Life

The BBC have posted quite an interesting forum page with loads of questions from people all over the world about certain mysterious things in life - such as "what is the meaning of life?"

Check it out here!

And until I can find out how to get my Live QnA gadget to work on Live Spaces, here is my favourite post so far: What is the meaning of life?

The View on Vista

(bearing in mind that "vista" means a view or prospect of the future, hehe lol)

Vista has been in progress for some time now - and was finally released at the end of January.
Wahoo! Or is it...?

My 'view' on Vista is that it isn't really the way to go - most of us now have Windows XP. And for me, that's fantastic, because XP is a wonderful operating system. Ever since Millenium Edition came out (with the first ever Windows Movie Maker and System Restore), the OSes released by Microsoft have been brilliant... except the way we have approached Vista.

The whole idea that Microsoft were getting across is that everyone should "upgrade" to Vista. But is it really worth it? Will Vista's amazing graphics (Aero Glass and Flip 3D (yes, I looked them up, I'm that sad)) work on computers that are 3 years old? So I went out and tried the Windows Vists Upgrade Advisor... and found out that a lot of my components are now out of date, and that there are no new drivers for Vista.

So... I don't think there is any point in "upgrading" to Vista. I think that if you really want it, buy a whole new computer. Get a massive RAM, processor and graphics card - especially if play a lot of games! Remember that you only have to pay for them once! (followed by a massive electric bill lol) Another problem is that Vista is 64-bit, so a lot of your favourite programs won't work either.

In that case, I might alternatively suggest choosing a good competitor - get an Apple Mac. Woo, and indeed, hoo. With iLife, it makes it much easier to make videos, blogs and music. However, that means it isn't very well designed for doing everything else!

Click here for a review from a BBC researcher trying out Vista on his computer - he expands on what I've said already

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Luca Macis wrote:
I think you have a valid point there mate. Vista, if you have the money and components is a worthwhile upgrade simply because its usability. But if your running a system thats even 2 years old you should still with XP untill you want to buy a new computer. And the Mac choice. Fanatstic option but your going to be forking out a lot of cash for it.
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