26 July 2015

Dealing with the haters of Google Chrome

Example 1

Here is a good example of an angry, stupid internet user who didn't like it when Chrome apparently started crashing for him on a regular basis, so he decided to go on a convoluted and uninformed quest to prevent it from doing updates, and it turns out it no longer crashes now since he updated to the latest version.

Here's what I think:

This guy is complaining about a null issue. The whole point Chrome force updates is to protect stupid users from far more serious vulnerabilities than it's worth not being updated for. And there is a way to prevent it updating, you just have to block Google's update server using your firewall or hosts file.
The correct way to respond to crashes, ever, is to enable crash reports to be sent to the developer, or do some self diagnosis by debugging it yourself, or speak to the developer as the issue was clearly isolated.

25 July 2015

Simulacra that are not longer applicable

Technology has replaced a lot of the ways we do things. Icons are a common representation of things in the real world, which no longer apply to modern technology, yet we don't yet have better ideas for what they represent, so we've kept them.

  • A floppy disk icon for saving something - most prevalent in Office applications
  • A symbol of a telephone for the dialler app on mobiles
  • Encyclopedias - Wikipedia is now a digital encyclopedia rather than tens of volumes

"Is it OCD to create a spreadsheet of your fridge?"

I don't think it's OCD per se, nearly everyone, including myself, stares inside the fridge or their cupboards to know how much they have. I've done it with the freezer once because it gets so full.

I guess therefore that a spreadsheet is just a portable version of the same information (a simulacrum, i.e. a digital shopping list for when you're out) & helps to remember what items you're missing entirely.

24 July 2015

Internet Replacing

The internet has replaced many forms of information source.
  • Computer programming = Stack Overflow
  • Writing an essay = Wikipedia
  • Going to the doctor = WebMD & eBay
  • Renting from Blockbuster = Netflix, Torrents
  • Phone call = Skype call / VOIP
  • Listening to the radio = iTunes & Spotify

FAQ for Windows 10

Should I 'reserve' my upgrade?
Yes. Choosing to reserve your upgrade means your device (computer or tablet) will be eligible for a free upgrade for a year. Free upgrades are only available each and every device that prompts you.

Should I upgrade immediately on July 29th?
No, I don't recommend jumping straight into it unless you have backups of everything first. Wait a week or 2 until all the issues have been worked out (same thing happens with Apple). Use the app in the system tray to tell if everything will be compatible.

Can I just get an ISO and start again?
Yes, ISOs will become available that can then be burned to DVD or used to make bootable USB sticks for the install. Your machine will then stay on the free licence after the install, as long as your computer previously showed you the 'Reserve your upgrade' offer.