29 March 2020

Star Trek Voyager - Favourite Episodes

Top favourites:
Good episodes:

  • S02E21 Deadlock (duplicate Voyager)
  • S06E04 Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy (Photonic canon)
  • S05E22 Someone to Watch Over Me (Doctor introduces
  • S04E14 Message in a Bottle (Mark 1 EMH meets the Mark 2)
  • S05E06 Timeless (Kim and Chakotay travel back to save Voyager)
  • S06E12 Blink of an Eye (Planet that evolves super fast)
  • S02E24 Tuvix (Neelix and Tuvok become one person)
  • S05E25 Equinox (Evil Voyager)
  • S04E26 Hope and Fear (Dauntless is a trap)
  • S03E25 Worst Case Scenario
  • S03E08 Future's End
  • S07E25 Endgame
  • S03E26 Scorpion
  • S04E23 Living Witness
  • S01 Eye of the Needle
  • S02 Dreadnaught
  • S05 Counterpoint
  • S03 The Thaw
  • S05 Bride of Chaotica

And some good moments:

By season:
  • S1, great
    • S01E01 was really off-putting, had many false starts getting into it because of that one.
  • S2, not a lot stood out for me
    • The Q return was very welcome
  • S3, back on form
  • ...

    Star Trek Next Generation - Favourite Episodes

    Not necessarily using episode titles... will update when I can.
    • Rascals
    • I, Borg
    • Unification
    • Return of Scotty
    • Data sentience
    • Picard kidnapped
    • Day in the life of data
    • The Traveler
    • Scientist who died for Lwaxana
    • The overtake (parasites)
    • Trapped in an asteroid
    • Disguise ship
    • Romulan dream team
    • Black guy builds enterprise
    • Klingon trade riker
    • Darmok & Jalaad
    • Picard flute
    • Picard borg
    • Up the long ladder, funny
    • Worf funny moments. Mr Woof.
    • The enemy
    • Kidnapped picard
    • Barclay clever
    • Remember Me
    • Space creature
    • Disaster
    • Data emulated boy
    • Next phase
    • The chase
    • Frame of mind
    • Thomas Riker
    • Descent

    24 March 2020


    Healthy is a big wishy-washy purely contextual-based term. In my opinion, only diet is healthy or unhealthy, no particular food or restaurant is healthy or not. Healthy is a trendline of "what recommended allowances count as part of a nutritious, varied and balanced diet?".

    For example:
    • Meeting AND not exceeding Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA)s on all nutrition types
    • Avoiding known carcinogenic foods such as processed meats
    • Fruit and vegetables "5 a day"
    • Calorie-counting and watching Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • Self-determining RDAs for items that don't have them, such as antioxidants
    • Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) for specific E numbers that have known effects such as E129 Allura Red AC which can cause hyperactivity.
    There is some conflicting advice:
    • 'Smaller, more regular meals'
    • 'Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper'
    • Maintain alkaline pH in mouth to prevent gingivitis / brushing teeth twice a day and leaving 30 mins before and after

    14 January 2020

    Things I wish I knew or understood growing up

    • It's very easy to be too modest about your achievements. If you've ever been the only person doing something at work, that makes you its owner. You're not 'a' system administrator. You're 'the' system administrator. Seeing it from this perspective was an instant confidence booster for me.
    • Don't go to interviews or promotion panels without ensuring your clothes are ironed. It seems a waste of time, but it's very easy for others to judge you on it. Those little details count.
    • Research the job and products/services of a company well before the interview.
    • All the endless, crazy thoughts and judgments you have as a kid about whether you should have a girlfriend/boyfriend, know what you're doing in life, having lots of friends, FOMO, etc., can get too much on top of you. I was lucky to have a Connexions advisor who put everything in perspective and explained I should ignore all that.
      • Focus just on what I want.
      • There's no rush to solve everything tomorrow. Let everything fall into place and come naturally to you.
    • Knowing your personality type can help explain many things about your behaviour. Use 16personalities. Also look at other things like autism, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, dyspraxia, discalculia, bipolar disorder etc.
    • Knowing your genetic traits and risks can give you further insight to your behaviour. I recommend 23andMe.
    • Try and listen to any bells. Your conscience may make you aware of emotions that you dismiss.
    • Try not to push people away; being introverted and cynical makes it difficult. Know the different between offence and banter.
    • It's very easy to be stubborn. Open your eyes to other views and listen.
    • Be prepared to be criticised.
    • Admit when you are wrong rather than invent lies.
    • Defence mechanisms - learn Valliant's categorisation and know when you're not being mature. These are also related to the seven deadly sins and virtues.
    • Jealousy - instead of being jealous of what your friends have, turn them into a 'reference'. Be proud that you're friends with them and that you can show them off for how cool they are. It's not a competition.
    • Don't wear your heart on your sleeve: do that and your heart will break too easily. Not that you shouldn't fall over in love/lust, but getting too emotionally involved can be creepy and overbearing. Try not to turn partners into projects, let them come to you.
    • HAIL (TED video)
      • H - Honesty: Being true - straight and clear.
      • A - Authenticity: Be yourself. [Standing in your own truth.]
      • I - Integrity: Be your word. [Doing what you say.]
      • L - Love: Wish them well.
    • Give yourself space; don't take on too much stress. You're allowed to say no.
    • Study and do homework early, don't leave it to the last minute as tempting as it is. Breaking things down to smaller chunks is the best approach. As soon as you see a problem as insurmountable, break it down again and again until you can do something right now.
    • It's okay to be humiliated or embarrassed. It will happen sooner or later. Try to see the fun side of it, and don't take yourself, or anything too seriously - take a pinch of salt.
    • When pressured on the spot, take a moment to breathe so you have a calm approach.
    • Use Reddit to find communities, as well as others like Meetup.
    • "Wear sunscreen".
    • Laugh.
    • Complement others. Be polite. Do good deeds and sacrifice a little effort to help others. It can be rewarding knowing you've helped someone else.
    • Put yourself in other's shoes: try to think how you feel in their situation. It's easy to show sympathy, but harder to have true empathy. Respect others regardless of their characteristics.
    • You are alright. You can stay.