6 February 2021

Broadband providers reviewed

If going for a new connection I'd recommend going to Topcashback, Quidco, Hotukdeals or Compare the Meerkat for some very good deals and check the reviews.

Rated best to worst:

Hyperoptic: Excellent speeds and very good customer service

Zen: best service, very rarely drops out, great router, just initially pricey and may include hidden fees or different prices on the phone to their website.

Plusnet: Good but regular disconnections and waited a month just for them to cancel an installation

BT: Most of the time okay but a nightmare when you have problems

Virgin: Dropouts once a month and speeds aren't as advertised. They may still be oversubscribed.

Sky: Avoid, many dropouts, bills doubling in price for no reason

TalkTalk:  From one of my neighbor's experiences 10 years ago I would say no, but maybe things have changed since.

Take a pinch of salt with any reviews site: