31 January 2006

FAQ: Playing Video Clips

Formerly When Technology Turns Bad, 08/10/05
Problem 1: I had problems when playing my downloaded AVI files (The New Series of Doctor Who, if you want to know) on Windows Media Player tonight. They kept playing and making a green shuddering like the Matrix or something - so I knew it had to be the Xvid Codec that I recently installed. But when I uninstalled it, there was no video, just sound could play!
Problem 2: One of my good friends, Jack, told me that he downloaded some television series episodes, but when he tried playing them, it didn't work. Now in my terms, it would be useful to be more specific about what is not working, but I think I know the answer.
Many video clips and movies today are in AVI format. This means that they need a codec (COder - DECoder)to 'read' the video image. If you don't have one installed, Windows Media Player will only play the audio.
Step 0: Make sure, if you have Windows XP, that you are an Administrator. This is the only user type that will allow you to install software.
Step 1: Install Codec
For Windows 2000/XP: DivX Play Bundle v6.1 - Download here
For Windows ME.98: DivX v2.6 - Download here
DivX is the best one around. Other codecs that I have tried before make the image shudder with green. I have not had any problems with DivX so you probably want to try this one first.
When it is installed, you don't need to set it up. It's all ready to use.
Step 2: Install the latest Windows Media Player
For Windows XP only: Media Player 10 - Download here
For Windows 98SE, ME and 2000: Media Player 9 - Download here
When you have installed this program, the first time you run it, you will need to set a few things up. This shouldn't take too long to do.
Step 3: Install all Windows Updates
If you get any prompts that say Install or Download, accept them or click Yes.
Please sign up to the new Microsoft Update if you are prompted.
When it has installed the pre-use software, go to the website again, then when the page loads up, choose Custom instead of Express. This way you can choose which updates to install.
Then, when it loads, checkmark everything and click Install Now. Let it install the updates, then you might need a restart.
Enjoy! Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

28 January 2006

Another Year

Sorry I haven't been and written a new blogs for you earlier, but there's just one answer: COURSEWORK!!!
For this blog so far, I'm just gonna list my best Christmas presents.

Laptop - it's an old one that my uncle gave to me. (Thank You!) It was a company laptop and they got a whole load of new ones and chucked my one out so he gave it to me! Wahoo! I will get a picture on here soon as well. Oddly enough, it is the near-same model that my friend bought from eBay for about £250. IBM ThinkPad T20. I couldn't believe my eyes when my uncle showed it to me - it must be like co-incidence or something...
iPod shuffle - altough i hate Apple, I have managed to get one of these. GREAT! I have considered selling it on eBay, and I have thought about actually using it just as an MP3 player and not as a brand... but I'm still stuck in the middle.

Webcam - nice little thing, I've stuck it on some blue-tac. Works quite well actually.

The Matrix - Path of Neo - I've wanted this game because it's part of the collection. I've heard the controls are a bit difficult (read that in the Official Microsoft magazine!) so I will try it out and tell you the details one here...
Lots of money - I got a total extra of £83 from the clients on my paper round! (Thank You!)
Lots of chocolate - ha ha ha!

17 January 2006

FAQ: What is "Java"?

A very good friend pointed out to me the other day that she had a problem with Java. I can't remember exactly what the problem was, but I think it could have been either of these. If you have the same problem, please read on. Thanks to Liz for telling me about this!
Limewire from www.limewire.com - can't load the program (error screen?)
Revision website www.samlearning.com - can't view the practice pages
What you need to do is download Java. To install it, I think you might need to be an Administrator (if you are using Windows XP). Java allows you to run code and special effects programs on your computer. To read more, choose one of the links on this page.
Click on this link, click Download Now, Begin Download, Verify Installation.
At some point a dialog (box) may come up saying 'do you want to install this or not'? Choose Install or Yes.

7 January 2006


This bloody thing is pissing me off!!!
Just stop it with the errors, already! And you could load a bit faster!!!
It's taking me bloody ages to get anywhere on MSN Spaces!

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XxLoveliestXx wrote:
No offense...but ur really weird
lol...ur lyk matrix crazie xxx
r u a nerd...hehehe!!
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Inspiration from Reality

After reading this space, I thought it might be interesting to use this MSN Space for more life-related stuff.
I'm sure that we all hate each other because others will have more detailed or relevent blogs than your own. In which case, I might consider writing some blogs about my life and not all computers and software and crap.
It's just how far I want to go in revealing stuff about me - photos, locations, family etc.
Currently this Space is Public, so that everyone has access to all the links I have on here.
But if people want PICTURES on here then I'm sorry guys, but its gonna have to go Messenger (for my Allow List only) = Random people can't visit this space anymore.
So now it's just down to making a decision... although I am considering reloacting many of my blogs that are about computers to my website. Hmm...

4 January 2006

Useful Links

3D Pinball High Score Editor - edit all the scores displayed on Windows XP's 3D Pinball (freeware)
List of fixes included in Windows XP Service Pack 2 - a list of all the updates that come with SP2
Google Search: dark chocolate - Dark chocolate is actually good for your heart!