2 April 2008


I have found the fifth meaning of life, and probably, the most important.


Lie is about finding your own way of having fun.

But you should not think that the only way to have fun is to be drinking, using drugs, gambling, eating, shopping, having sex, smoking, or working (which is exactly why I'm Straight Edge :D hehehhe)

They key point with me is that I'm too serious all the time, and that stops me rom having fun. I take everything too seriously and dig too deep into it, I don't let it pass over and fade away. I need to loosen up and be a little rebellious insteas of reasoning everything out all the time.

If you haven't a clue what this weird thing called "fun", is, take a look at this site.

I mean, if you tie this into "Moderation" - you have to make sure then when you're having fun, you don't go too far, or you could be in serious trouble.

So whether you're at college, working, going out and socialising, watching television, listening to music, reading a book or a magazine, playing a game, going on holiday, talking on the phone, playing sports or even just cleaning up around the house, remember....

enjoy every moment