22 August 2008

Justifying Straight Edge

Ever since I can remember I have always hated alcohol, cigarettes and drugs... in my eyes it is just completely wrong, for me it is almost torture to hear about it or see people doing or taking any of them. I just see it all as completely pointless, there is absolutely no benefit, advantage or profit that you can get out of smoking or taking drugs - and as I have realised also, alcohol.

I myself have never done any of these things, except taking painkillers but that when when I couldn't take the physical pain.

People smoke and drink because of their mental pain. I understand that some people drink in order to have fun, but I don't believe people should have to drink in order to enjoy themselves. I would make up points such as, other animals don't do any of these things - they don't need them. Early humans never had access to any of these things, and we wouldn't be without them. People take these things because they lack control over their emotions. They lack the control over the most brilliant gift they could ever receive - and that is their own bodies and minds. And abusing their bodies and minds is wrong - you should use your body and mind in every way you can before you die - but without doing something as stupid as killing your body in the process.

I don't believe there is even a choice. No-one should be allowed any of these things, because they are pointless.

I believe I am strong enough to not give into these evils of society as I call them, and I can solve any pain I have without using them. I see them solely as some kind of addiction or temptation, like something really really wrong.

I have no relation to religion at all, I am anything but religious. I am a scientist at heart and I know that I am alone - I have only myself to find confidence, enthusiasm, strength or resolution.

If I could force the entire world to get rid of each of these things I truly believe the world would be a much healthier and safer place, but that is not my reason for believing this. My main reason is that I just can't understand how some people can't see why something such as smoking gives you nothing good at all - not one single thing. And it puzzles me why people still smoke.

On the other hand, you could consider that all the damage from alcohol, smoking and drugs is a way of keeping the population down... but I am no environmentalist or human-hater either.

I realise that my dreams will never come true but I still persist. If I started doing any of these things I would kill myself, I wouldn't be able to live with it, because I just understand it as being so wrong.

I could write more reasons, but I would be wasting your time.
All I have to say is now this - the most important meaning of life I understand.

Life is all about choices. The choices you make determine who you are, what kind of attitude you have. It is your response to questions or situations that ultimately determines your life - because you are choosing your path.

Life is also about being tolerant of literally everything, and moderating everything so that nothing is damaging or obsessive.

When you take these two things together, you can then choose how you wish to make a change or influence or receive influence through the world. But you must balance between both giving and taking - if you don't do anything to change the world you live in, you are worthless. Similarly if you choose to reject being influenced, encouraged, made to feel a certain way, understand something or take any impact from any person, you too are also worthless.

It's a cold perspective but I understand these as the roots of my mind.