28 December 2019

Worst housemate experience

Once had a housemate who:

  • Washed the washing machine before washing her clothes
  • Found it unacceptable for you to remove her washed clothes from the machine and put them in a bag so that you could use it - even if it was hours before she would get home
  • Put a tarp down in her bedroom
  • Wrapped her kitchen cupboards in clingfilm on all sides
  • Took all of my kitchen utensils and crockery that I had left out to wash and threw them away in the bin without saying anything to anyone (probably counts as damage to personal property)
  • Had a Feng Shui mirror outside her door to reflect bad chi
  • Often left her door open and had once of those dangling drapes you walk through for your kitchen, for her bedroom
  • Spent hours on the phone shouting at her husband
  • Had long showers at 1am but didn't dry herself down, leaving the rest of the house floor soaking wet
  • Used the loo without flushing, leaving nice presents for all to see
  • Used the hallways for storing her suitcases and boxes, even though the contract said not to do this (and everyone else was sensible enough to follow this)