2 December 2007

First of December

Right, let’s see...

Firstly, as mentioned by my good mate Luca, University Open Days and Interviews are starting to come out, so I might as well tell you what I wanna do:

Artificial Intelligence & Cybernetics / Computer Science / Computing and Philosophy / Games Computing

At college I do IT which is okay I guess, not the best but okay
English which is a little boring but I’m good at it and enjoy it so that’s good
BIOLOGY ROCKS. I LOVE IT. Learning all about the body is amazing stuff, but some of it is soooooooo hard!!!
Geography is SO BORING but the mates in my class are so funny :D

Aritficial Intelligence fuses IT and Biology and Philosophy, which are my favourite subjects, so I reckon I will love that course.

And the places I’ve chosen: Reading, Leeds, Lincoln, Nottingham and Essex. Nore sure which one yet, I hear Leeds get a LOT of music gigs though :) If anyone is thinking of going to these then please tell me what you think!!!

AND OH YH I don’t wanna brag about it but I’ve sort of found myself a job at the card shop in the abbey... the one that used to be the charity shop in the market square. So yeah, it’s not bad there. Whenever I get bored, I just talk to the customers :) The strangest thing is seeing Jack/Becca/Emma working in the Co-op next door when I go on my lunch breaks... hehe lol

And the till register keeps trying to trap my hand in the tray like in Open All Hours!!!! Scary that thing :O LOL

I also had an interview at Primark yesterday... I went in a group with three others girls so maybe I might work there instead, but getting to Harlow is a ruddy pain :(

Umm... IT’S THE FIRST OF DECEMBER!!! I’m getting all my Christmas presents soon so hopefully Christmas is gonna be good. Going to see the family at my Aunt’s MANSION in Surrey... anytime I get bored, I can just jump in the pool, or relax on a nice big bed :) I love it there, and I miss them all too :(

And UGH I have a lot of music-downloading-catchup to do because my computer is being a bloody pain and 4oD taking up all the CPU so it is RELE SLOW!!!

And one last thing... if you have any tickets to see The Klaxons, please sell them to me, I REALLY WANT TO SEE THEM LIVE!!! KLAXONS ROCK!!!!

I can’t wait to see 30 Seconds To Mars though with my best mates that is gonna be awesomeness :)

LEON TO WIN X-FACTOR!!! (OMG I can’t believe I said that)

CONGRATS TO BIGGINS WINNING CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! He is such a funny guy, I can’t belive he went and ate all that disgusting stuff in the Bush Tukka trial. YUK.


And finally... DAMN I NEED SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 HAHAHA LOL

Luca Macis

LOL!!!! Again, you seem to be doing rele well wit the funny last comments. lol.

I've applied for Reading University but i've not been there.

Posted by Luca Macis on [02 Dec 2007 | Sunday] - 6:00 PM
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Nice blog :)
Haha 30 seconds to mars wll be amazing.
I want to see the klaxons live aswell.

I'll give you sex. Dont tell my girlfriend though =/
Also, the finale of heroes is amazing.
The course subjects that you want to do sound great, go for it.
two Kudos.
Posted by Joshiee on [05 Dec 2007 | Wednesday] - 3:56 PM
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Hayley Lou.

yayim going klaxons tmrooooo ^_^ and heroes is TONIGHT woopwoop

congratulations on your job =]
Posted by Hayley Lou. on [05 Dec 2007 | Wednesday] - 6:17 PM
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