22 May 2008


Today, I will bring you a short record of everything I have said and recorded.
Divulge in it, if you will.

To start, some quotes from Skins Series 2.

Chris: It's kinda easy when you've got nothing because nothing can be taken away from you, but I don't want nothing anymore.

Makes me think about love and friendship. When love finds you, you start losing touch with everything else, and that includes friends. You don't forget them, they are still there, but you have less time and attention for them. But through this you become greater and stronger friends, because they will also help you through your relationship, and if the two of you really do love each other, then you won't let it break apart.

Cassie: That's people. We arrive, consume all we can and then leave. Like locusts.

Just a quick reminder of humans and overpopulation. Therefore I can justify bringing in this ruddy table. I did this in Biology. We were learning about disease.

Way of killing all life on earth 

Film associated with this


Deep Impact


Soylent Green; Logan's Run

Greenhouse effect; climate change  

The Day After Tomorrow


Twelve Monkeys; Resident Evil; Outbreak; 28 Days Later






Signs; Mars Attacks; Aliens; The Thing


Dr Strangelove or How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb



Failure of procreation     

Children of Men

Law and control      

Logan's Run; Equilibrium; Doctor Who

Lack of morale      



Matrix; Terminator; Transformers

And with that and Biology, I learned that economy is destined to fail, because we produce more waste that recycling them, so eventually we are gonna run of of things to buy and economy will collapse. People will be buying trash instead.


That's what it's there for, so you might as well use it.
Speaks for itself.

Trebor™ is Straight Edge 4 Life ...
(Straight Edge is now the most important part of my identity.)

Define:MSN; 1. A crude and unemotional method of communication, popularised with smiley faces.
(With MSN, you can stop talking to someone for a minute without telling them what you've stopped talking to them for. It's annoying trying to keep up with 5 people at once. In real life you NEVER are actually talk to 5 people at once in VERY deep conversation. It takes time for the brain to process information.

Make "one day...", to-day. Don't wait for oppurtunities to come, they will come to you. Seize them. Pursue them. :D (L) Dave (L)

Yes.... Don't turn down opportunities unless it would be more damaging overall to more than just you. When it comes to love, let love find you. I looked for ages for love and YES, I almost came to the point of thinking about ways to kill myself (upon which I would start humping the bed lol, and yes, I encourage that as IT DOES TEMPORARILY MAKE YOU HAPPY and also, random fact, it is BETTER for guys, if you're trying for a baby, to masturbate quite well before having sex, because, through a BBC report, the longer you leave them stored in there the more likely they will mutate and degrade. If they are fresh they are fully formed. The more exposure they have over time (radiation etc.) the more damaged they will be.)

I am amazed that I have the confidence to say things like that now.
7 months ago I was nothing like this. I had these dirty words in my head but never sought bringing them out. Instead of being a follower there have been times when I am directing.

Another good tip - look for friends and possible partners who have some form of passion. Enthusiasm. Motivation. And that they lack stupid forms of happyness. Essentailly the friends you have will only ever be the ones you share similar interests with (music, films, sports etc.), and thus opinions, but not always.


I think the real emotion that drives intelligence is doubt. Doubt.
That lovely, awkward feeling, when you have a plastic barbie doll going OMG OMG OMG and you are standing there and not sure about whether you should look over so you keep on looking at the pen sitting on the table and think Urgh.
A feeling of the need to escape.
Doubt is what gives me my intelligence.

My style of writing can be cute... or it can be dystopian, as I've mentioned before, or it can be Stream of Consciousness like this blog is, but the main thing that helps me is being witty. Knowing the exact words to say at the right time.

The key to being witty is not always the wide choice of vocabulary or intelligence, it is more listening to the ringing bells within your mind (ringing true). Like if you've handed in a piece of coursework but you know you've missed something out but couldn't be bothered to fix it so you're gonna wait until you get it back so you can wait until your teacher tells you to fix it.

Oh yep, I realised people like patterns, yep, thats an important one. (Think about how many times you say "like" every day). If there are patterns (thus synchronicity and the "23" effect), life becomes a lot easier because then you can categorise things down into groups instead of making more groups.