27 September 2012

Cure for the common cold?

Had a very bad cold yesterday but wasn't troubled by my runny nose today hardly at all (very minor sniffles and slight sore throat at times and tiny bit of a headache but nothing that interfered).
Here's a list of what I did yesterday to combat it:

  • Plenty of tissues to hand
  • No breakfast or lunch
  • Dinner: 'grab bag' pack of Doritos Hot, 1/2 Rubicon Mango 1 litre juice carton, Fry's Peppermint Cream, Tolberone (small), Muller Corner yoghurt (Toffee Hoops)
  • Trebor mints whenever I got a runny nose
  • Boots Cold & Flu powder blackcurrant with 1 large glass of water (I hate this stuff the same as I do Lemsip powder though! >.<)
  • 2 Paracetemol (not same time as the Cold & Flu)
  • Rested for 6 hours (but not sleeping, just lying down working)
  • Normal sleep
Other methods I've tried which have been unsuccessful:
  • Sleep
  • Soup (e.g. chicken)
  • Garlic bread
Other things which probably do help:
  • Vapo-cream
  • Breathe steam under a towel
What's your remedies for a nasty cold?