2 May 2010

Reasons why I should drink alcohol?

The reason for my previous post is because I've met some people before who wanted to know all the reasons I don't drink - any of the reasons on their own don't seem enough.

I find myself detailing these reasons because, everything I mentioned has made a barrier in my mind that I cannot cross - whenever someone, anyone, regardless of how much I trust them, asks me to try alcohol, I can't do it. My mind just tells me 'no', that I should refuse. What I feel at that point is, if I try that drink, I could be opening Paradora's box. I have no idea what will happen, but it is likely, in my mind, that something will happen which I don't want to happen.

What I want to find out, what I want help with, is what are the reasons that I should drink (but not excessively)? So far, from what people have said, nothing has convinced me to change my mind - I would like if people could post me a good collection of reasons to drink - because I had a lot of good reasons to convince me otherwise. Perhaps by having more reasons I can attempt to find out what else is stopping me from at least, trying alcohol.

Here are some:

- It's fun
- You only live once, so you might as well try it before you die
- People prefer having friends with 'an open mind'

This convinced me a lot but still isn't enough.

Post your reasons and ideas below... thanks :)