18 September 2013


After a whole year of waiting since last September, finally the NHS have removed a small sore lump of tissue from the base of my spine, this time done by a hospital, and removed properly, than by my GP.
There have been many nights that I have just cried myself to sleep because of how painful and helpless I've felt about it.
In many ways I am upset, relieved and angry that it had taken this long to remove something that could have become much worse, when it actually could have been properly treated within a couple of weeks of first diagnosis.
After my stitches are removed next week, I hope very, very dearly that it doesn't ever return. Being able to sit or lie down again without any pain is absolute bliss right now and I hope so much it stays like this.
This really makes me think that if surgery needs to be done, it should be done immediately - on the same day if possible. It is less of a risk to perform treatment immediately once a couple of doctors have successfully diagnosed it, rather than your treatment put onto a waiting list that may actually never get back to you, leaving you suffering and allowing your conditions to get worse.
I really do think that treatment should be performed immediately, to decrease risk, decrease suffering and ensure better communication between the whole chain of healthcare.