30 June 2018

Windows 10 Unattended Install

Sysprep allows you to prepare the machine before imaging.
Sysprep has 2 modes - Admin Mode, and OOBE. Typically when you choose OOBE, all of the prompts will appear e.g. setting up a username, picking a language, keyboard layout etc.
This can be avoided by providing the option /unattend:unattend.xml when configuring it.

Here's a copy of an unattend file intended for Windows LTSB 1607 Anniversary Update x64 that will:
- Prevent any questions during install
- Keep any configured users
- Keep drivers to target for the same hardware
- Set the time to UTC and keyboards to en-GB with fallback to en-US
- Set the IE homepage to about:blank
- Disable Remote Assistance
- Skip Activation
- Disable Windows Defender
- Put the PC in high performance mode
- Disable telemetry (for more, see TronScript)
- Set the network location to Work