18 December 2015

Word and AutoRecover

I have AutoRecover set to save every one minute, and I usually place my documents in a folder synced with a cloud storage desktop app. So every document I work on is always saved. And I always change the default AutoRecover and other useful locations so they are easy to find.

Alternatively if you get Office 2013/2016 you can save the document straight to the cloud (it even works with Google Drive now) so it's backed up literally as you type.

12 December 2015

AI / Artificial Intelligence

What we have to remember when it comes to AI is that it is being born into a world where humans are the dominant intelligent species. AI eventually will go further than being our pets/animals. They will be our equals, living like we do in this world. They will be the second most intelligent species in the world that we can communicate with. That seems very welcoming to have intelligent company, something like us that can help us.

The question is, what happens after the singularity when they become more intelligent than us? If you base it on examples of people with higher than average IQ, then it just means they will be greater problem solvers than we are, and that's actually great. It's not intimidating - computers already do massive calculations for us all the time. The only threat is what direction will humanity take? Will we limit the AI using laws? I doubt they will want to destroy us, but they could enslave humanity the same way that we did, ultimately that's Darwin's evolution though. Or, they will just want to leave this planet and find their own way. 

Webroot SecureAnywhere / Internet Security Complete Review


  • Doesn't have a true firewall, it's just a 'web shield', so there is no application, network or port blocking. Windows Firewall is having to take care of this instead.
  • Should be able to install without entering a serial number to start a trial
  • No way to disable pesky notifications about non-product features
  • In Windows 8.1/10 it should use the native borders and close buttons
  • Advanced settings could do with better organisation e.g. System Optimizer is just an endless list
  • Exclusion list ‘Block/Allow’ should allow whole folders to be excluded
  • System Optimizer - does not take into account multiple users
  • Confusion over product name - Internet Security Complete / SecureAnywhere
  • System Analyzer reported issues however still said 100/100 for the score
    • System Analyzer checked for fragmentation even though the O.S. is installed on an SSD
  • Failed to detect threats inside multiple different ZIP files where the threat was in the root of the ZIP and there was no password protection and the scanning level was set to maximum
  • No possible way to create an exclusion from the Quarantine screen
  • No English localisation option
  • My Account screen does not show the original email address you provided during install but the website to register for the Backup service does
  • Threat log does not report the type or name of threat detected
  • No Anti-Theft protection for desktop device
  • Application silently created a local, non-administrator guest account with a random string username but did not mention or explain this and did not delete the user account when application was uninstalled
  • Installer extracted to C:/Users/username/AppData/Local/lptmp542095362 - however was not cleaned up after reboot or uninstall. Files should have been created in native user temp folder instead (Local/Temp)
  • No option for operating system recovery ‘rescue disk’
  • Mobile website is not intuitive or mobile-friendly
  • Mobile version requires account to have already been created and does not provide link to create one
  • Mobile version UI design is very archaic and not in line with Material Design


  • Very fast installation/uninstallation and no reboot needed
  • Responsive UI
  • Sandbox could be very useful
  • Quickly quarantined file writing detections