30 December 2013

Free Stuff, Discounts & Offers

Here are some places I recommend for discounts and free stuff

Free Music
Free eBooks

Mobile/Android only
Free trials
Harder to get
  • Burger king vouchers - sometimes ask in-store for vouchers
  • McDonalds - Metro sometimes has them
  • Vodafone - Vodafone do a discount for employees of certain companies
  • Apple - student discount at university
In Reading only
  • Domino's uni vouchers (Fresher's Fayre)
  • Subway uni vouchers
  • Nandos free meal (Fresher's Fayre)
  • Sizzling Spice (multiple visits in-store and you'll receive a £10 off voucher)
  • Pizza Hut (in the post/on delivery)
  • Bed Bar Member card - for a few places in Reading
Christmas only
  • iTunes 12 Days of Christmas/Gifts
  • Compare The Meerkat - free meerkat toy
  • Southern Electric - iplan 7% discount
Other links to check out