26 May 2013

Windows 8: WTF's

Seriously Windows 8, I mean, seriously, come on.
Will not use this crap operating system as much as I can.

Fail 1: My password changed on my wireless account, when I try to connect to it, with Windows trying to use the old password, it doesn't tell me the password has changed. Windows 7 normally does this - it just asks for a new password to confirm. Windows 8 just gives up entirely.

Fail 2: Apart from my connected WiFi, there is no way for me to tell or configure WiFi access points manually. I can modify ones I have saved, if I right click them, but there is no separate menu in either this UI, or available via the Network & Sharing Center, to change them. Windows XP was the first to introduce this, and Windows 7 is quite good at managing them I would say. But this is just going plain backwards. From this list, I can't tell which one's I've saved (successfully connected to before). This is like going the way of Apple and just abstracting out too much information.

Fail 3: Somehow, this Travel app costs about 1/3rd of a gigabyte. I've never even used it. What could it possibly have in it? A travel encyclopedia of the world like Encyclopedia Britannica? Photos from every country? A streetmap of everywhere in the world? I hardly believe so.
Also, Minesweeper says it needs 142MB - really? It's like 2MB game in all previous editions of Windows, I mean seriously!

Fail 4: Windows Update has "a problem" checking for updates. Doesn't give you an option to try again, just says there is a problem, doesn't even say what kind of problem. All previous Windows, I've never had a problem with checking for updates, let alone installing them.

Fail 5: Right-clicking the Start screen previous brings up some shortcuts, in a seemingly completely random order. Useful but not so useful.

Microsoft, get your act together. For the sake of all desktops and tablets everywhere.