28 February 2013

Comparing CPU performance on low-medium end computers

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Soluto New Reports Feedback

Review on the Soluto Activity Reports being introduced, for survey/feedback.

Attached is a sample of our upcoming PC activity reports. The report lists the various events that happened on the PCs you're supporting in the past week.
The report will be sent via email on a weekly basis.  


I like the idea but don't know how often I would be concerned about reading them. If I know there is an issue and want to resolve it, then yes, I would want to see these kind of history reports to see what was going on and perhaps even what the user was doing at the time. So these reports would have to be available from a central place with date filters etc. rather than emailed out. 

Biggest concerns for me on other user's computers are not necessarily power consumption or time wasted, Windows is updated so often that it doesn't make a massive difference overall really. My worries would be, has the user been installing potentially malicious software, have they had trouble using any piece of software or issues connecting to the internet etc, and what have they tried to resolve it. Then I'd also want to keep track of information like has the computer gotten particularly hot lately, if so, perhaps it needs cleaning. Then all the other stuff like are the latest versions of programs installed, esp security updates, Windows updates, virus updates etc. In the long term it would be good to be warned of hard disk failure as well.

With the boot times, it would be good to see some kind of overall trend, rather than just raw values for every day. If, over time, boot time is getting slower, then maybe it's a cause for concern to maybe do a system cleanup, defrag and check the startup apps etc. So say, in the last month, boot time has gone up 10%, it would be good to know what caused it.