15 May 2011


Someone text me, "thanks for making my birthday special".
I thought, that's the whole point! Our birthdays are special and so is how we celebrate them.

So I wanted to reflect on how important age is to us:

  • Age defines laws, what we can and cannot do. This means we use age to determine if doing something is socially or ethically acceptable based on our known behaviour when we are younger while the brain is learning, adapting, becoming aware
  • It defines maturity, intelligence, wisdom, intellect. Our minds change with age
  • How many times we have passed around the sun starting from the same place in the orbit of the Earth around the sun
  • Our physical appearance changes, we lose energy, vibrance, the ability to self-repair. Ears however continue to grow with age
  • Genetic diseases are more likely to become apparent. We become more vulnerable because of joints.
  • Our brains lose the ability to modify easily, especially with reality shift
  • Our desires change when looking for partners