1 July 2008

New Ideas

During my holiday I got over my stubborn prejudice of NOODLES and tried out some Sweet and Sour Pot Noodles, and I must say, with the crunchy bits, they weren't actually bad.

I still need to try out King Du's noodles because the first time I wasn't pretty fond on them, so I got chicken satay or hong kong style chicken + rice, which is slightly blasphemous but still, it tastes goooooooooood.


An advert on BBC with Kelly Holmes in it got me thinking a bit - she said that sports gave her confidence and that it helped her through some "tough times".

Comparing to me, I got my confidence naturally. I still lack confidence when it comes to new things in the real world, but I easily gather it just automatically.
If you are an idea-logical-systems-judging-thinker INTJ like me then you'll understand that yes, concepts and ideas are vital to me, i live in the world of ideas.
But it had never crossed to me that physical endurance and "success" could bring you confidence, but I figured that because personally, I am CRAP at sports, and I even though I do put myself down, I accept it. (Also called learned helplessness for you Wikipedians out there..... mmm...) And I'm not vain, and I don't like being in the spotlight unless I am trying to send out my message like I am now. ButI am fearless of what others think of me, giving me confidence to wear, eat, drink and go out with who-ever I like, be it guys or girls, even though I am commited to my David now =]

The BBC did an article that links Sports and Confidence well -


Realisations -

Being StraightEdge is the next closest thing I hold to my heart.
A BBC report, like the Beeb do, were talking about cracking down on alcohol and youngsters, which in my eyes, is futile, unless serious changes are made, either
- Ban alcohol globally, the most extreme idea I've thought of but still, this is, in my mind, the only way to ensure complete destruction of the possibility of it leaking back (for example, "there is always one that..." - Murphy's Law)
- increase the number of police officers, as Jack Straw suggested - but even this requires the government to make being a police officer seem like a desirable job.
Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7430132.stm

And of course, I realised I love IAN WATKINS, the StraightEdge vocalist of Lostprophets, even more...


he might be slightly attracted to men as well as women -

I was reading Kerrang and scanned this in for your approval =]

So there we go!!!!