12 November 2019

Anti-cold ritual

My anti-cold/flu ritual is:

  • Garlic bread (antioxidants), typically in the form of Domino's Garlic Pizza Bread (with a Hawaiian pizza and several Garlic & Herb dips, of course)
  • Lucozade (for energy)
  • Airwaves chewing gum
  • Trebor mints (stronger the better)
  • Smoothies especially blueberries (only a bit)
  • Vicks Vaporub (rub onto chest)
  • Lemsip (pill form rather than liquid)
  • Early bedtime
  • Hand wash regularly when outside
  • Tissues galore
If it gets worse:
  • Indian food to clean out system
  • Chicken soup and bread and butter
  • Strepsils for sore throat