16 November 2014

Human Universe - Final Quote

BBC - Human Universe

"Science is unreasonably effective. It's generated knowledge beyond all expectation. It's also delivered perspective. Yes, we are an insignificant speck, in an infinite universe, but we're also rare. And because we're rare, we're valuable.

So what are we to do to secure our future? Well, we must learn to value to the acquisition of knowledge for its own sake. And not just because it grows our economy or allows to us to build better bombs.

We must also learn to value the human race, and take responsibility for our own survival. Why? Because there's nobody else out there to value us or to look after us.

And finally - most important of all, we must educate the next generation in the great discoveries of science. And we must teach them to use the light of reason to banish the darkness of superstition. If we do that, then at least there's a chance this universe will remain a human one."

Professor Brian Cox - Human Universe (episode 5)

9 November 2014

Doctor Who - Death In Heaven unanswered questions

- How was Danny able to get over the Cyberman programming after switching his emotions on? Is it due to the power of love again?
- What was the point of being the President of the World? He didn't even use it to do anything. Is it because he didn't want it anyway?
- Why was Osgood so easily convinced to hear Missy whisper? Is she just that convincing? Either way she would have died anyway, Missy still got out of the handcuffs.
- Did Osgood etc. go to the Nethersphere after being killed by Missy's red death ray? Seems unlikely as she killed Seb.
- How does a full cyber conversion happen just by it raining? Proper machines were needed before.
- Why convert the dead and not the living? Is it because with the dead and the Nethersphere, people's personalities could be erased, resolving the problem of converted humans fighting against their programming? Which didn't work in Danny's case?
- Was that really Missy's plan all along, just to give the doctor an army and see if he turns to evil? What does she get out of it?
- How did the Master escape the Gallifrey in the pocket universe (here it is described another dimension instead) - Missy does hint at this
- The Doctor went to the Gallifrey coordinates, but surely he was looking at the real world, not the other dimension/pocket universe?
- How did Danny get converted even though he was on a table under a sheet? Did the water drip onto the sheet, drip up, or go into the air?
- How long has the Nethersphere been around? (It was hinted it's been around since humanity started believing in the afterlife) - so who set up the hard drive in the first place?
- Who setup the other Cybermen tanks in the world? How did they remain hidden? (TARDIS has the same ability?) Were there more of the Gallifreyan hard drives or was the only one in St Paul's? (Latter seems likely due to its size inside)
- Why did Missy have control over the Cybermen? (using the wrist device) Technology stolen from the Timelords?
- Why did the kid that Danny killed have a body, does he not need his original? This is a similar way to how Missy was able to fully enter and exit the Nethersphere however - maybe until she was apparently killed, she was the only person allowed to transfer in/out? (Assuming the hard drive records metal self image or physical properties of the person)
- Is 3w entirely responsible for the creation of the small handful of Cybermen in each city (the elite afterlife), the administration regarding being cremated or not)
- Why was the internal of the Nethersphere with the Cyberman logo in mind? Can it be redesigned as necessary against whatever Timelord defaults there are?