24 July 2018

Using Proxies with browsers

Downloading Chrome
To download the full version of Chrome instead of the .Net installer (in case you get the error message), use this link instead:
Or try the MSI version (Chrome Enterprise) - it's the same thing, just installed vi MSI instead of EXE.

In IE you can change it under Internet Options, but if an Administrator has blocked editing, you can change it with a regedit - save the following to a file with .reg as the extension and run it to merge.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

Make a copy of a shortcut to Chrome, and under Properties, set the Target to:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --proxy-server="http://proxy.myserver.com:80" --proxy-bypass-list="localhost"

Proxy settings are specific to this application so just change it under Options.

13 July 2018

Troubleshooting tips for a few things

Slide Masters in PowerPoint
If the slide master is not updating a property such as a date in the footer:

  1. On the slide, go to Insert > Header & Footer, then untick the Date or other field no longer needed and click Apply
  2. Repeat the step to re-add the property, it will be re-read from the master slide.

There is no way of getting the total number of slides, so enter this manually into the master slide, then repeat the steps above (adjusting for 'Slide number') to re-add the new format.

Stop Chrome running in the background

Firefox is not opening

  1. Try a new profile manager – edit a copy of the Firefox shortcut to “firefox.exe –P”
  2. Use C-Cleaner or BleachBit to clean the temporary files of Firefox
  3. Try Firefox in Safe Mode (with Add-Ons Disabled)
  4. Try resetting Firefox
  5. Try under a different user account
  6. Try running as admin
  7. Reinstall Firefox
  8. Scan your machine for malware

Windows Spotlight images not being updated

1. Try disabling it, restarting and turning it on again via Settings
2. Try deleting the files mentioned here https://www.cnet.com/how-to/where-to-find-the-windows-spotlight-photos/ 

Recovering data

10 July 2018

Locking down Windows 10

This GNU article has a good list that explains the privacy issues with Windows 10 along with many other O.S.es and devices.

There are a lot of sources that can help with this:

  • TronScript has a telemetry-disabling script that will turn off a lot of call-home features, including privacy-recording KBs, services, scheduled tasks and other registry keys.
  • The Unattend file from my last blog disables a lot of settings as well but only works if using sysprep and there may be newer settings in the newer Windows 10 that also need locking down.
  • Some third party tools offer privacy protection, e.g. this list, however they may not be legitimate and I don't endorse them. How To Geek explains the right thought process on these.
  • Group Policy can disable a lot of things. Common Criteria hold a security level known as a Protection Profile that can be added, intended for corporations.