28 September 2016

Maintaining your PC

Just a simple list of maintenance tasks that I regularly use and carry out.
Also see my blog Useful Free Windows Tools, alternativeTo, FileHippo and Download.com

27 September 2016

Kaspersky Removal Tool Bug

I found a bug with the Kaspersky Removal Tool. It will break System Restore on Windows 10. I've reproduced this on 4 different machines.

The error message appears as below.

There was an unexpected error in the property page. System Restore encountered an error. Please try to run System Restore again. (0x81000203). Please close the property page and try again.


After exporting the registry before and after and then comparing, I found the UpperFilters were deleted for the Storage volumes class. As far as I understand it, you need both Upper and Lower Filters in any given case.

To apply the fix, copy the following blue text, paste it into Notepad, save it as "repair.reg", then double-click to Merge it with the registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



After applying this, restart the machine and try to open System Restore again - the error will disappear.

Tools used to help investigate

25 September 2016

iPhone thinness

Nice little infographic I made of iPhone "thinness" over time.

24 September 2016

My policy on property in the UK

  1. Anyone not paying rent for over 3 months or damaging property must be evicted immediately
  2. Council properties will be repurposed into standard housing and put on the market. Current council flat dwellers will be moved to live in portacabins if they cannot afford rent.
  3. Redevelop all existing dilapidated, damaged, and uninhabitable property and get it on the market
  4. Unoccupied properties for more than 6 months are automatically put on the market
  5. As time goes on and properties remain unsold, their price must come down by 10% per year until it is sold
  6. Any new properties that are built must have an energy performance rating of A or higher e.g. LED lighting and insulated walls, and must not be built on floodplains - if unavoidable, the property must be build at least 2 foot above ground level at the lowest part of the house


  1. Target of 100% national employment rate should be achieved by 2025 which includes those on benefits. People on benefits must find paid or voluntary work (now mandatory) of some description even if it is online or community service.
  2. Transport will be improved for all locations e.g. buses and trains. 
    1. All buses and trains must now accept contactless only - coins and paper are now invalid. Only reusable cards can be issued by a cashier, if they are not intended to be kept then they are reused as temporary cards. Every station must now have a card reader, and a map of the local nearest facilities (toilet, defibrillator, seating), and must have a vending machine with essentials like water.
    2. All buses must now be running on 100% renewable energy. LED lighting will also be used. Wi-Fi should also be at 100% UK coverage by 2026.
    3. All trains should be running on 100% renewable energy by 2036. Same again for lighting and Wi-Fi.

9 September 2016

Some of my favourite TV shows as a kid

  • Bernard's Watch
  • Old Bear and Friends
  • Noddy
  • Wizadora
  • Oakie Doke
  • SMart
  • Art Attack
  • Zzzapp!
  • Finger Tips
  • The Big Bang
  • Jungle Run
  • How 2
  • Come Outside
  • Through The Dragon's Eye
  • Rosie and Jim
  • Brum
  • Button Moon
  • Rainbow
  • Postman Pat
  • Fireman Sam
  • The Worst Witch
  • My Parents Are Aliens
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Tiny Planets
  • The Moomins
  • Blue Peter
  • Teeny Tots
  • Get Your Own Back
  • Shortchange
  • Pokemon
  • Digimon
  • Raven
  • Basil Brush
  • The Queen's Nose
  • Bob the Builder
  • Hilltop Hospital
  • Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids
  • Clangers
  • The Wombles
  • SMTV and CD:UK
  • ChuckleVision
  • Animals of Farthing Wood
  • Bodger & Badger

1 September 2016

Renting Advice

Before putting down a deposit, I'd recommend following up on the following topics at your viewing, with the landlord or agency.
  • Rent - What is your total income minus rent, bills, food, insurance, travel, etc. Can you really afford it and save up enough for the future?
  • All bills - Some contracts may advertise all bills but actually don't - often TV Licence is excluded, but from 1st Sept 2016, TV licences will be required even if you don't watch live TV.
  • Mice, rats, slugs - Check if there are any signs of them, and check for holes
  • Police.uk - Check this website for crime rates and types in the area.
  • Noise - Is it noisy in the area - do you need silence to sleep?
  • Friends - Are you allowed to have friends over? How many nights is it acceptable for a partner to stay over?
  • Share bills - Are you all sharing the bills, who is in charge, and where does the money go?
  • Damp - Check for moist walls, especially against the walls that on the building like near windows.
  • Insurance - Do you have enough that you want to be insured?
    • Age of property - you will need this when setting up contents insurance
  • Plugs - Are there enough of them in the room, are they in good condition, and are they in a good place for where you stuff will be?
  • Lighting replace - who will replace the lightbulbs and batteries for fire alarms etc/?
  • Fire extinguishers - are the indicators in the green zone? Is there at least 1 on every level?
  • Fire exit - Is there a clear exit on every level?
  • Gas safe - Are the boilers gas safe and checked within the last year?
    • British Gas Home Care - Is the property covered by this? I'd recommend it for immediate and professional cover of gas/electric issues.
  • Cleaner - Is there a cleaner for communal areas and perhaps your own room? Is there a rota for all housemates to cover, and who buys cleaning products etc.?
  • Landlord availability - How long does it take for the landlord to sort things out?
    • Does the landlord ever live in? Generally I wouldn't recommend these.
  • Why moving out - Why is the room available? Why did the person move out?
  • Keys - Do you get your own set of keys for your room, windows, and other doors?
  • Parking - Is there on-land parking, on-street parking, and parking for visitors? Are permits needed?
  • Washing and drying - Is there a washing machine, dryer, and what is the policy on using airers/horses in your room/other rooms?
  • WiFi and cell strength - If there is no signal in your room, you might need to consider extending the WiFi or using Powerline
  • Latest router and specs - How old is the router? Newer ones are likely to be dual band, and grade b/g/n/ac, and should be fiber. Ask if you can get a speed test.
  • Storage - What's the policy on storage, and is there enough room for all your stuff? If not, will the landlord allow you to get cabinets or an Otterman bed?
  • Pets - Are you allowed to keep or bring over pets?
  • Sunlight - Is the sunlight coming into your room - would it be a distraction - or is there no sunlight at all. Too much will discolor the walls and not enough means the room might be colder.
  • Street lamps - Are there visible street lights from the window that could distract you in the night?
  • Police check - Have there been any burglaries or any other criminal activities recorded at the property within the last couple of years? You can also ask the police or firemen to inspect the property for weaknesses.
  • Carbon monoxide detector - Is there one near the boiler and is it working?

Beautiful songs

Some of my favourite beautiful songs of all time include:

  • Lara Fabian - The Dream Within
  • My Morning Jacket - Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part II
  • Moby - Porcelain
  • Simply Red - Holding Back The Years
More on my Spotify Playlist.

These are probably all good contenders for my funeral to be honest.

29 August 2016

Malware website example

I was browsing a news website on my phone and came across these screenshots.

The URL that Chrome loaded was this, which is sneaky. Repeat visits to this URL do not change the page being returned. Obviously it is Base64 so the decoded form is below.

It decodes into HTML of which contains the bad URL in the iframe tag below:

Some tips for reporting badware, malware, phishing sites, and sending email submissions.
Remember suspicious emails and attachments should be sent as a saved message, not forwarded as it will lose the originator's details.

24 August 2016

How to respond to criticism

It's very easy to become offended when someone criticises you. Here are some ideas on what is happening, what to do when it happens, and how to prevent it in future.

  • You might get angry, and raise your voice. Try to notice when this happens, and then just stop and think. Give yourself a moment to compose yourself and think about what is being said. There is absolutely no need to rush to respond to the person - just wait, sit down and have a think. Even take a break if you feel like it - but not storming off - just say you need a moment.
  • Some people do deliberately try and press your buttons, either to get you to admit your mistakes, see you go crazy for fun, or see what's under your skin. Don't let them.
  • It is in people's nature to complain rather than to praise. There is a good quote in Futurama - "When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all." Working in IT is a good example - when IT works fine, nobody says thanks, but when something's wrong, everyone complains.
  • Try to think about the root of the problem. It's very easy for an argument to start at one point, and then you end up arguing about the fundamental laws of nature.
  • It's very possible to have a jokey argument about nothing without it getting serious. If you realise it's heading in a serious direction then just pass it off, forget about it, and move onto something else like the football or that latest YouTube video you saw.
  • If you can, try to find a way to laugh it off. Humility is a high level, mature defence mechanism. I'd even give this a good read anyway so that perhaps you can know yourself a bit better.
  • If there are bells ringing in your head that you are wrong, rather than defend yourself, it's better just to come clean, be honest, and say something like:
    • Oh wait, no actually, you're right yes, sorry, I understand now, it didn't make sense before, sorry I was a bit confused
    • I was playing you on, I wasn't actually being serious! I was just winding you up
    • Sorry, I've been stressed lately
    • It was my bad, sorry
    • Yes, actually now you point it out, I did make a mistake there
    • Oh now, that's definitely wrong isn't it, I can see that now yes. I can fix that.
  • Self-awareness helps, but not to an overbearing degree. Understanding that you are human and you want to improve and be better is the greatest step. Being yourself is also important, as cliched as it sounds - what's key is that you only do what feels natural and right - don't feel you have to do what others want to do or be. Don't feel you have to fall in line with everyone else (unless it is life threatening of course). And don't let others define you.
  • Getting defensive is fairly normal, and you'll try raising points or even go so far as to create cognitive dissonance. A good example would be a politician for example - they often don't like to admit their wrongdoings, and will defend their decisions. But it's more human to be honest - say you messed up, and you will do better in future.
  • Stubbornness doesn't help - someone who is particularly stubborn, if told they are being stubborn, are likely to say "No, I'm not being stubborn!" which is a perfect example of being stubborn.
  • A lot of this probably arises from the "fear" of being proven wrong - no one likes being wrong - we always think we are right in every decision we make - at least at the time. But it is perfectly human to be wrong just as much as you are right. If we never learned from mistakes we would never make any progress.
  • Constructive criticism is a thing, which you should always be prepared for, but there is also witty banter and roasting which can be uncalled for, seem out of order, or are directly and personally offensive. If it's not clear to you that it's a joke, then it's understandably offensive.
  • Hypocrisy is common when it comes to criticism - people sometimes can be more than happy to criticise others, but never when it's aimed at them - those people should be redirected to this blog.
Some other self help articles may also help like these on Tiny Buddha, LinkedIn, and Lifehacker.

23 August 2016

Useful Free Windows Tools

I have posted previously about recommended programs to get you started or if you have issues with Windows, but here is a good collection of all free tools that I use as well. A good website for finding more and alternative programs is alternativeTo, and there is also FileHippo and Download.com.