22 April 2018

Modern Day Sins

Source: Facebook Wix
To extend this out to all aspects of modern day life, my list would be:

  • Pride = Politics
  • Greed = NASDAQ, FTSE
  • Lust = Red Tube
  • Envy = Facebook
  • Gluttony = McDonald's
  • Wrath = Twitter
  • Sloth = Netflix

20 April 2018

Android vs iOS (UI)

Test devices:
Google Pixel 2 with Android 8.1.0 vs iPhone 6S with iOS 11.3

To be updated with more info as I discover it.

  • Settings Menu
    • In Android, all the settings are nicely grouped and have small summaries of the settings in each section.
    • In iOS, the settings are groped all over the place and in a seemingly nonsensical order.
    • In IOS, if you want to search settings, you have to scroll down and then scroll up to get the search box to appear. Android just shows you the setting as soon as you open it, and can show you recommended settings, or special override settings you've currently got enabled and quick actions for them.
  • Mail program
    • In Android, to search for mail, there is a dedicated search button on the Gmail app.
    • In iOS, to search, you go into a full, pull down to refresh, and then the search box will appear - it's not visible without doing this action first
  • Navigating between apps
    • Android has a dedicated back, home and switching button - very easy to get around and you can snap windows top and below
    • iOS - to go back, you have to tap the very top-left of the screen. Home is the home button, and switch is double-tap.

Android Oreo Settings menu