2 May 2010

Reasons why I should drink alcohol?

The reason for my previous post is because I've met some people before who wanted to know all the reasons I don't drink - any of the reasons on their own don't seem enough.

I find myself detailing these reasons because, everything I mentioned has made a barrier in my mind that I cannot cross - whenever someone, anyone, regardless of how much I trust them, asks me to try alcohol, I can't do it. My mind just tells me 'no', that I should refuse. What I feel at that point is, if I try that drink, I could be opening Paradora's box. I have no idea what will happen, but it is likely, in my mind, that something will happen which I don't want to happen.

What I want to find out, what I want help with, is what are the reasons that I should drink (but not excessively)? So far, from what people have said, nothing has convinced me to change my mind - I would like if people could post me a good collection of reasons to drink - because I had a lot of good reasons to convince me otherwise. Perhaps by having more reasons I can attempt to find out what else is stopping me from at least, trying alcohol.

Here are some:

- It's fun
- You only live once, so you might as well try it before you die
- People prefer having friends with 'an open mind'

This convinced me a lot but still isn't enough.

Post your reasons and ideas below... thanks :)

Reasons why I don't drink alcohol

- Went to my best friend's house once when I was in secondary school, and all my mates got completely wasted, and one threw up in my best friend's house: neither him nor his mum were very happy, and we never had a party there again. While I wasn't to blame, I felt ashamed by my own friends and disgusted how they did that to themselves. I also was confused how they could go through all of that and still turn up to classes the next Monday, knowing what they had done.

- Someone close in my family got completed wasted when they first started drinking, and was in a really emotional state about our gran who passed away not long before, was soaking wet from the rain and throwing up, and it was up to me to pick up the pieces

- My grandad had an affair, had children with another woman and when I knew him before he died (when I was about 11), he was a heavy drinker and smoker, lived on his own, was very aggressive and moody and hardly spoke to the family at all

- Belief that I don't need alcohol to have a good time

- I like to stay in control of my body and mind

- I'm scared that if I try alcohol and I like it, I may end up drinking it more and more, and may even get addicted to it, and this could lead to something I don't want to end up in

- I don't trust myself

- Some thoughts I have to keep suppressed in my mind, and if I drank, I'd be afraid of saying or doing something very hurtful or taboo

- Saves me money

- Humiliation, embarrassment

- Maintaining a good role model who people can look up to

- Reading and watching bad press about alcohol makes me upset and angry that people binge drink, cause so many problems and put their lives unnecessarily at risk: drink driving, killing their livers, various injuries, throwing up in public places, putting a pressure on the NHS and the Police. Ultimately everything I've read has discouraged me massively of ever wanting to drink and ending up in any of those situations

- I don't want to have a criminal record for alcoholism, I want to maintain my dignity; I don't want people to look down on me for doing something irresponsible

- I've been out in the past with friends and haven't even drunken any alcohol, and still managed to do some stupid things - who knows what would happen if I did drink?

- I can act drunk without even drinking

All in all I think that the cons outweigh the pros.

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