21 August 2007

A real technology prodigy

If you think I'm a geek, you should check this guy out. It's amazing. Just... amazing.

He is a Development Associate and IT Associate at RM.

He is the host and producer of his own blog, "Apple Universe".

His mum works at Oracle. His dad works alongside him.

He writes HTML for SharePoint/Wiki, fixes computers and sets them up for new hires.

He's 14 years old.

And he hates MySpace!

His name is Daniel Brusilovsky. Check out his interview with Robert Scoble here:
Filmstrip http://www.podtech.net/scobleshow/technology/1589/inspirational-teenager

It just amazes me how a kid so young knows so much! Kids, today...
It makes me feel like going out there and getting a job and making some money. A true inspiration.

You only need to see the first couple of minutes of the video, 'cos then they start talking about real serious and "boring" stuff...

15 August 2007

Facing The Facts (updated) (updated again!)

Back to my blog about this whole "Climate Change" crap...
I just wanted to sort of post a reply to my own post, which sounds weird, but I feel needs justification (sounds like a court room in here, don't it?)

I realise that just telling people that Climate Change isn't real won't do me any good.

But what's more important is that I realise, on my own, I can't do anything about it! I'm just gonna have to live with it. Just think - all those jobs made, all those government members flying all over the world to discuss climate change, all those computing studies trying to prove climate change - it makes me think that Climate Change has become a self-fulfilling prophecy because all the work being done to stop it is actually causing more CO2 to be emitted!!!

Anyway. Something I want to highlight on is Atmospheric Composition. You remember that from Science, don't you?
Of all the air in the world, 79% is Nitrogen, 21% is oxygen... and 0.035% is Carbon Dioxide. I just think that some people, like me, have completely forgotten about this thing and what is shows us. As long as the % of CO2 stays the same, we're not in trouble.

There is no point in trying to stop it anyway - so why don't we give up?

And another realisation that everyone needs to make is that we cannot stop carbon dioxide emissions. People depend too much on technology as part of their lives now. Unless we just completely stop people from having computers, televisions etc., then it will not stop. So I find this quite simple - there's no point in worrying. If you can find a way to reduce your CO2, go on right ahead, but just realise that it won't do a lot of good in the end. Unless you move into a deep forest in South America... and don't breathe. Oh wait. Well that would mean... Ahhhh! *GASP*

So what do I want out of this? What drives me to writing this?
What I want is for people to stop talking about it and working towards reducing CO2. I don't wanna hear the words "climate change" every bloody day on the BBC News, on my packet of Walkers crisps, or on my newspaper... but I have to realise that this isn't the "general opinion". That's why special cars and things are being designed that are "green" - because the companies know that people (in general) believe in climate change and will feel happy about having a car that's "better". The companies know that. And it's their responsibility to respond to it. Even if climate change is just a rumour! So I'm stuck! I suppose I just have to live with it!!

Example - Heathrow airport protest

There was a news report today about the new planned Heathrow airport, and the protesters trying to stop it because of "climate change". (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6953518.stm)

There were about 1,400 protesters in Sipson (not Simpsons!) village, all of them campaigning against "climate change", and one of the interviewees on ITV news said that Heathrow needs a new airport because they have been increasing their demand. WRONG! I believe that Heathrow needs a new airport because they need to provide for their customers (like I mentioned above). As the population increases, all public services will become more and more jammed and busy, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Unless we act together.

But the thing is, they were protesting because they believe setting up the airport would increase the effects of "climate change". And you know what I have to say to that, don't you? Poppycock! (not often I say that actually)

If you put it into perspective, there are hundreds of businesses being built all the time. The effect of one tiny little airport will make little difference to the existing CO2 emissions from the rest of the globe.

Those protesters just need to wake up and realise that they can't stop all the new airports in the world from being built. Or any other large businesses.

And of course, they also need to realise that climate change is not real.

Example - congestion charge

Transport for London are linking car emissions to the congestion charge! (link) Evil, evil b******s!!

If you have a high emission car, you could pay more of the congestion charge! GRRR!!!

Just think about this for a sec - the congestion charge was only created because the roads are busy.
Why are the roads busy? Because of the increasing population. Because more people are living. Because the government is allowing more people to emigrate here. Because of the internal pressure on local services.

Here's what I wrote on the questionnaire thingy they have:

"I think that climate change should only be linked to car emissions if clear and precise statistics can be generated which prove that climate change is happening. I have heard about climate change far too often and have never seen any real, actual statistics that prove that humans and the CO2 emissions that humans produce are actually a contributor to climate change. I strongly feel that some concrete evidence should be published which Transport for London, or any other organisation, should use in order to make such claims that their own CO2 emissions are contributing to it. Unless the evidence is clear, there is absolutely no reason why we should start worrying about climate change, and there is nothing we should change in our own lives to justify it."

I just want to know: what does everyone else think? Have you actually seen the statistics?
Or are you just "believing" the hype? Do you actually trust the government on what they say?