21 August 2007

A real technology prodigy

If you think I'm a geek, you should check this guy out. It's amazing. Just... amazing.

He is a Development Associate and IT Associate at RM.

He is the host and producer of his own blog, "Apple Universe".

His mum works at Oracle. His dad works alongside him.

He writes HTML for SharePoint/Wiki, fixes computers and sets them up for new hires.

He's 14 years old.

And he hates MySpace!

His name is Daniel Brusilovsky. Check out his interview with Robert Scoble here:
Filmstrip http://www.podtech.net/scobleshow/technology/1589/inspirational-teenager

It just amazes me how a kid so young knows so much! Kids, today...
It makes me feel like going out there and getting a job and making some money. A true inspiration.

You only need to see the first couple of minutes of the video, 'cos then they start talking about real serious and "boring" stuff...