23 January 2007

Social Networking

You know what I'm like. I'm always stubborn. Yeah, I know, I have tried to notice when I do that. But somehow, there are still some things I continue to ignore...
MySpace. Need I say anymore? Yes -
BBC Click, just like Alan Yentob, have done some news reports and interviews about the impact of Social Networking - particularly MySpace.

And the most important one to me... BBC Click report/video interview with CEO of MySpace

The main reason I don't use MySpace is because... it is poorly built. Plus, I already have this space, which works fine for me, thank you very much. Just think... when I try and go on another person's MySpace - oop, now where is that music coming from? I was listening to Depeche Mode and all of a sudden some Rap/Hip Hop takes over? I don't think so. Where is the Stop button on this stupid page?

No, I'm not trying to be eccentric about just that annoying thing. Many people's spaces are very poorly built. If you watch the video then it will be totally clear what I'm talking about.


Is there really any point in giving in to MySpace? Maybe. After seeing one of my friend's spaces, I must admit that I had a little spark.

Blue Screensaver of Death

Do you have parents and younger siblings who constantly try to get on the computer before you?
Have you ever gone crazy just trying to stop them getting in your way?
Have you gone looking for a solution?
Well, look no more!
The Blue Screensaver of Death - a Screensaver that shows the Blue Screen of Death!
And yes, it's an official Screensaver from Microsoft (but isn't that exploit?!)
Have fun tricking everyone with this cool trick! Just paste the SCR file in C:/Windows/ and you're ready!

7 January 2007

iPod story

I thought my life would be over when my iPod shuffle ran out of battery on the bus the other morning!

Nah, only kidding - its only EMOs who are pathetic enough to think that!

But then I realised (well, someone reminded me) that I could charge my shuffle on the college computers! :D

[someone coughs]

Okay... so it isn't that big a deal, but I also wanted to mention these:


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