12 September 2009

Which is better?

  • Ninjas
  • Dinosaurs
  • Robots
  • Pirates
  • Aliens and/or equivalent space monsters
  • Zombies
  • Cowboys & Indians

11 September 2009

Data Backup, Hosting and Synchronisation (Updated)

What are the best, free solutions and services for backing up data, hosting files, and synchronising on multiple computers?

Hosting online

See this blog about cloud storage and pricings.

Local Backup
See this blog for recommend backup programs for both imaging and local files.

If you have other computers you could backup to and do it manually, then FTP using FileZilla or Beyond Compare also works well, but you'll likely need to port forward the addresses on your home router, and you may need to use Dynamic DNS as well.

10 September 2009

Windows Shortcuts

Some of these apply to Windows 7 only, and Vista only, although XP may pick them up too.

  1. Presentation options - Win Key + P
  2. Hide all but the active window (just like AeroShake) - Win Key + Home
  3. Navigate through taskbar items - Win Key + T
  4. Show desktop gadgets (bring to front) - Win Key + G
  5. Start Mobility Center - Win Key + X
  6. Select systray - Win Key + B
  7. Magnify desktop - Win Key + Plus Key; reduce magnification - Win Key + Minus Key
  8. Maximize current window - Win Key + Up; Restore/Minimize - Win Key + Down
  9. Dock window on the desktop side: select window and Win Key + Left/Right Key
  10. Window switch Win Key + Tab. Reverse switch order Win Key + Shift + Tab
  11. Switch to the first window on taskbar: Win Key + 1; second window Win Key + 2; etc.
  12. Preview desktop - Win Key + Space
  13. Add files to Aero Task Bar - Hold down the Shift key while dragging a file to an icon on the Taskbar
  14. Shift+right click on a file, Copy as Path
  15. Win Key + R - Starts Run Command
16. Win Key + D or Win Key + M - Minimize all to Desktop
17. Win Key + E - Opens My Computer
18. Win Key + F - Opens Search Window
19. Win Key + L - Locks the Computer -> good one