30 March 2010

PC Cleaning

A friend recommended to me to use tights/pantyhose to cover over the fans in your PC, to stop dust collecting... and trusting in him that it doesn't cause it to explode or damage the computer somehow, here are some more sites with the same suggestion:

25 March 2010

5 Rules

Rule #1: Look out for your friends. They are the ones most likely to be there for you when times are hard.
Rule #2: Only say sorry once. If you say it a second time for the same reason, it wasn't really an apology. Be respectful to your friends, don't criticise them, but do support them, and root for them.
Rule #3: Life comes round only once, so take all the opportunities you have, make the most of all the time you have left. Saying that you'll do it another day really means that you probably never will get a chance to do it again; so just do it.
Rule #4: Be yourself, know who you are, know what you are good at (even if you may not enjoy it), flaunt your abilities and pursue your interests. Accept your faults and mistakes, and move on - enjoy yourself in every way that you can.
Rule #5: Always try to listen to the little bells in your head which tell you and remind you of things, even the faintest ones, they are often the most interesting.

If you can do all of these, then the rest of the world awaits you =]