26 May 2021

Antivirus / Internet security products reviewed

 I've done technical tests of AV products in previous blogs, but this one is of my personal experience.

  1. Norton - generally slow
  2. BitDefender - good, but monumentally performance degrading, and features don't always work as advertised
  3. Avast - has always caused BSODs because of the network filter driver
  4. AVG - loaded with advertisements - do not recommend
  5. ESET - very lightweight load wet performant. High granular control esp over the firewall which does not interfere. Brower sandbox.
  6. McAfee - bloated, fragmented, slowly updated, archaic
  7. Kaspersky - one of the best, but no longer trusted by UK or US governments, and dropped by Barclays
  8. Webroot - all scanning is done online similar to how VirusTotal operates - so useless if there is no internet connection
  9. F-Secure - not bad
  10. Windows Defender - very basic
  11. Malwarebytes - poor detection
  12. Firewall products
    1. Glasswire - blocks rather than leaves requests pending

Not tried:
  • Trend Micro
  • Panda
  • Avira
  • Bulldog