13 March 2022

Controversial topics explained

 Topics I will be covering in upcoming blogs, keen to hear more suggestions.

  1. How is JK Rowling's blog on sex and gender transphobic?
  2. Can there be a female or a black James Bond?
  3. Topics that Kurzgesagt have already covered well:
    1. Coronavirus
    2. Vaccines
    3. Brexit
    4. Universal Basic Income
    5. Meat
    6. Drugs
    7. Climate change
    8. Nuclear energy
    9. GMO
  4. Elon Musk
  5. Black Lives Matter: questioning black people even when it might seem innocent
  6. Explanation of terms like Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter
  7. Christianity/religion
There are also some proposals to discuss:
  1. Importance of education: What's wrong with it, what should it look like, and what will the benefits be?
  2. How would non-partisan politics work and still be democratic?