10 July 2018

Locking down Windows 10

This GNU article has a good list that explains the privacy issues with Windows 10 along with many other O.S.es and devices.

There are a lot of sources that can help with this:

  • TronScript has a telemetry-disabling script that will turn off a lot of call-home features, including privacy-recording KBs, services, scheduled tasks and other registry keys.
  • The Unattend file from my last blog disables a lot of settings as well but only works if using sysprep and there may be newer settings in the newer Windows 10 that also need locking down.
  • Some third party tools offer privacy protection, e.g. this list, however they may not be legitimate and I don't endorse them. How To Geek explains the right thought process on these.
  • Group Policy can disable a lot of things. Common Criteria hold a security level known as a Protection Profile that can be added, intended for corporations.