28 January 2006

Another Year

Sorry I haven't been and written a new blogs for you earlier, but there's just one answer: COURSEWORK!!!
For this blog so far, I'm just gonna list my best Christmas presents.

Laptop - it's an old one that my uncle gave to me. (Thank You!) It was a company laptop and they got a whole load of new ones and chucked my one out so he gave it to me! Wahoo! I will get a picture on here soon as well. Oddly enough, it is the near-same model that my friend bought from eBay for about £250. IBM ThinkPad T20. I couldn't believe my eyes when my uncle showed it to me - it must be like co-incidence or something...
iPod shuffle - altough i hate Apple, I have managed to get one of these. GREAT! I have considered selling it on eBay, and I have thought about actually using it just as an MP3 player and not as a brand... but I'm still stuck in the middle.

Webcam - nice little thing, I've stuck it on some blue-tac. Works quite well actually.

The Matrix - Path of Neo - I've wanted this game because it's part of the collection. I've heard the controls are a bit difficult (read that in the Official Microsoft magazine!) so I will try it out and tell you the details one here...
Lots of money - I got a total extra of £83 from the clients on my paper round! (Thank You!)
Lots of chocolate - ha ha ha!