7 January 2006

Inspiration from Reality

After reading this space, I thought it might be interesting to use this MSN Space for more life-related stuff.
I'm sure that we all hate each other because others will have more detailed or relevent blogs than your own. In which case, I might consider writing some blogs about my life and not all computers and software and crap.
It's just how far I want to go in revealing stuff about me - photos, locations, family etc.
Currently this Space is Public, so that everyone has access to all the links I have on here.
But if people want PICTURES on here then I'm sorry guys, but its gonna have to go Messenger (for my Allow List only) = Random people can't visit this space anymore.
So now it's just down to making a decision... although I am considering reloacting many of my blogs that are about computers to my website. Hmm...