18 March 2007


I was just wondering... considering the normal 'male' stereotypes - am I really male?

Sorry, did I just confuse you? Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • Most men like drinking alcohol. As for me, I don't drink at all.
  • Most men like sports, especially football. As for me, I hate football (and generally most sports), and I am rubbish at playing them!
  • Most men are into the latest cars and watch Top Gear. Yeah - you guessed it. Not for me.

The only other thing left is... well, you know - the trouser department. But I'm not - the other type. I'm straight. Damn straight.

I just must be a really mixed up man then!

What do you think? Do I really have to love drinking, football and cars to be classified as a man?

Sorry, this is a slightly weird topic to discuss!

Nah m8, i think ur of a man than some. You dont like sports, u like HTML instead, u dont like cars, computers instead, u get the gist. And as for the alcohol, i salute you for not drinkin, i dont either. Ur a top guy m8, dont let anyone tell u otherwis. You are a serious playa, but ur just into otha sorts of stuff. Dont worry m8, your a cool cat. Laters, Skeefy!
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