2 October 2005

Reality Bytes: MSN Messenger Problems???

What the hell does "There has been a catastrophic error. Please stand by." mean??? My MSN Space hasn't been hacked has it??? Why not just say "Busy atm. Brb soon" hehe lol
And... I tried logging on on today, and it says it can't log me in. The little rotating yellow/green icons rotate, but it won't let me in! After curiously clicking the Troubleshoot button and loading the test, it says "The gateway appears to be offline." What does that mean? But when I clicked Restart it logged me in in the background.
Update 22/10 - I opened MSN Spaces from the button in MSN Messenger and a page loaded saying 'Service Unavailable'!
Update 26/10 - MSN Spaces was closed down at midday to reopen a few hours later. The message 'The MSN Spaces
network is being upgraded and is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later' was shown almost every time I tried to access another page on the website. But I luckily managed to get some of my new content uploaded.
Update 05/11 - MSN Spaces shows this message: "Sorry, we are unable to complete your task at this time. The MSN Spaces service is experiencing difficulties. Please try your task again later." Sort it out Microsoft!
Update 09/11 - I may have figured out why the message I posted just before this one was appearing. It so happens that I have an advertisement blocker installed, with g.msn.com (MSN's redirection/advertisment server) on my Blocked list. I have moved it onto my Allowed list for now seeing that I have most of the adverts blocked.

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-x_im_not_okay_x- wrote:
grr.. msn.. that happens to me .a lot.
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ChinchySxymilkshake wrote:
kwl nice simple like simple tlk some time
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Lickable_Lolly_Pop_Lady wrote:
hey add me if u want n we cn chat cya around x x
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