29 October 2005

Off-Topic for Today: Who is LOL?

I have finally made a post that relates to my life! This blog, and maybe some others I will post, will contain 'random stuff'. Generally, just ideas for the day or something.
Firstly, I ordered a PS2 game on Saturday 22nd, 'Enter The Matrix', and it finally came a week later! I ordered it from Amazon.co.uk (of which I highly recommend) and from a new seller on their site, saying it was 'Like New'. Anyway, so when it came, they spelt my name wrong on the package (I'm just finding as many ways as possible to disrespect the seller), the casing was all tatty, and even worse, there were fingerprints all over the shiny part of the disc! It was really dirty! And I mean *really* dirty! So in that case I sent my feedback to the seller today with a low rating of 1/5. I eventually cleaned the CD up with instructions I got with my Dell Computer: "use a soft, lint-free [something that leaves no fibres on the surface] cloth and wipe from the centre to the outside, NOT in a circular motion" and it cleaned it up really well (thank you little cloth on my glasses case! lol). So, in conclusion, I learned to never buy from a new or lowly-rated seller from Amazon. Simple.
Second - it's my sister's birthday tomorrow, and I had to get her a card. I, of course, went to the new Tescos, but when I got there, there were no cards that said 13 on them! I thought about being practical and buying two cards, one with 6 on it and another with 7 (funny lol), but I didn't have enough money :( I got a Sister card in the end anyway :)