8 October 2005

"Don't mess with Agent Smith, Mess with MSN Messenger"

Here are a few things I posted on my website... I think I will move them over to here permanently.
  • Mess-Names.com - Some really good and funny names you could use for your screen name.
  • Web Messenger - A web-based version of MSN Messenger to use on computers that don't have the real thing installed. This online utility would only be really good if it wasn't blocked at school, as my friend pointed out!
  • Advert Banner Removers - From this page, choose the appropriate download for your version of MSN Messenger, then save to [C:/Program Files/MSN Messenger]. With the patch, you will be able to remove the advertisement banner, 'Add a Contact' bar, search bar and buttons, all buttons, and much more! Patching MSN gives you the ability to customise all of its features, makes it look less cluttered, and have extra tools!
  • Mess.be - Not my favourite website due to the bad interface, but it has some little surprises hidden in the 'mess' (get it??? lol), like an image list of all the emoticons (see right) and some hidden ones as well! (e.g. (xx) is an X-Box)

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    -bossplw- wrote:
    ur popular =P
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    Clicketyclick9 wrote:
    hi like the space my addy is g_l_u_g@hotmail.co.uk plz add me luv lottie
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    ellie wrote:
    hey nice space ? no pics ov you tho !
    add me 2 msn > ellyD_2k5@hotmail.co.uk
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