5 October 2005

Feeling Ill, Tired or Depressed? Remember: It's All In The Mind...

I was ill a week ago with that weird bug "going round". Here's a life-changing tip to beat it, and all the viruses or diseases you catch in the future.
Stay strong in the mind... that's what I do. I denied every second that I was ill, even thugh I had some of the worst pain. I said to myself "no, I'm not ill, I'm not wasting my time, I'm gonna do something with my life."
And I felt much better when I thought that. I did orginally 'feel' I was dying, but I denied it.
I had: aching feet when twisting them, a very sore throat when swallowing and when waking up in the morning, a very bad cold and lots of phlegm, a constantly blocked nose, general headaches, tiredness, mild depression, slight lack of concentration, striking pains in my head from my ear to my throat (possibly an infection), mouth ulcers, constantly flaking skin on lips, increased acne, difficulty sleeping, a lack of appetite, and aching pains down my legs, on my back, on my chest and down both arms.
But I beat all that. Every single 'feeling', I was able to eliminate, forget about, not bother thinking or waste my energy on. I would like to say something very sensitive to previous events that have happened (I am solving them with help from and thanks to the Active Listeners, Connexions Advisor Julie Kay and Angie Pearson) on this space, but it is not a good influence to mention it. You can probably guess - it was at a highly critical stage of thought. But at a certain point, my ambition - my adrenaline - just starting pumping - a desire to escape the world of stress, isolation in a world of illness - and become stronger. And I just instantly became more alive. I just felt so much better. And you can do the same.
And the weird thing is... I didn't take any medicine that week. Okay, maybe some Soothers for my sore throat, but no pain killers. No anti-virus. Just pure spirit.
So when you're sitting in bed thinking that you're gonna die, and that the world around you could do better without you, as they don't seem to care anyway, you feel terrible, and you can only imagine yourself becoming weaker, remember what I have told you here. Think of the things you could be doing. Don't waste you're time and life just sitting there! And if you can't think of anything that makes you happy, then you haven't lived.
I have a feeling there's gonna be a debate, controversy or complaint about this, or at least someone against me or who thinks I'm strange or annoying to state life-changing things that I don't have any evidence on. But just remember what I have written. The truth. The hopeful truth. A useful note from a reliable, trustworthy and generally situation-serious friend. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have learnt something. If you haven't - don't worry - it's your life.

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Rockin_N_Rollin_Sha-Sha wrote:

pretty wise thing to do...

cool space
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Patrick wrote:
yeh you could do that or

get some medicine and a couple days off work/school :D
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