16 October 2005

General Things and Stuff

I hate...
  • FIREFOX BROWSER AND MSN TOOLBAR - tabbed browsing is just so f**king difficult to use. Someone serious like me needs to switch between windows and webpages easily, not grouped together. Same for the 'Group similar taskbar buttons' on the Windows XP start menu/taskbar. In which case, I disabled that annoying feature. I am dreading Internet Explorer 7!... Firefox will always be second best in my eyes - I only have it installed if I have problems with IE (like Norton Internet Security bugging the Internet Access thing again).
  • APPLE - don't even go there. Wasting my time already. The iPod aswell. Give me an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) and I'll wipe the entire range of Apple products out. Goodbye, Steve Jobs!
  • DOGS - I'm allergic to them so stuff 'em. *turns into Cruella DeVil* "Skin their coats. All of 'em! Dirty mongrels!"
    -- on the subject of sister and mother looking up websites to adopt a Cavalier King Charles.
  • SPIDERS - just remember them as being 'small beasts with too many legs'. Uurrgghh...
  • NEWS UPDATE! - The Sun has produced an article saying that 80% of UK 25-35 year-olds are scared of spiders!
    Here's some other random stuff I was thinking about...
  • MSN Video - some really funny short clips from all over the media. Updated quite often.
  • Your Rights at 16 Years of Age - haven't they missed out 'Allowed to buy a lottery ticket'?
  • Wikipedia definition of Chav - it's official, Asbo and Chav have both entered the dictionary (see BBC News).
  • M4A.com - The new, better quality, smaller resulting file size and LEGAL (free) audio file type than MP3 or MP4. This website gives all the info about the new sound/music format and explains why it's better than MP3.
  • Here's some quote off some guy who was on Jack Dee Live At The Apollo:
    I'm not talking 'floppy disc', I'm talking 'hard drive', 'major ram', 'memory stick'...
    Here's another really interesting set of 'facts' that Jasper Carrott talked about in one of his shows:
    Children are a lot like old people:
  • they only eat mushy food
  • they both require medication (Carrott's example was 'teenagers and old people use drugs')
  • when talking to them you have to pronounce your sentences clearly otherwise they don't understand you
  • they make very big holes in your pocket, e.g. injections
  • Amazing that, isn't it?

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    Luca wrote:
    I wouldnt say firefox is crap. I used to use it too! But stick with Internet Explorer for ya basic web browsing needs. For the extra plugins (eg: Isohunt plugin) then go for firefox

    Msn toolbar sucks. u got that rite
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    devilsdreamer wrote:
    Firefox kicks:P

    You silly young child of the age of 15 :P haven’t you grasped the accessorising possibilities of firefox. Tis mucho better compared to the joys of IE.
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