8 October 2005

[ARCHIVE] Reality Bytes: When Technology Turns Bad...

This article has been archived and updated to a newer version, however, this blog is intact for reference reasons.
I had problems when playing my downloaded AVI files (The New Series of Doctor Who, if you want to know) on Windows Media Player tonight. They kept playing and making a green shuddering like the Matrix or something - so I knew it had to be the Xvid Codec that I recently installed. But when I uninstalled it, there was no video, just sound could play!
So I looked around for some free Xvid/DivX codecs and finally came across DivX Play Bundle 6.0.3. It now plays my files perfectly and without any shuddering. Download the Windows XP/2000 version at this link or download the Windows ME/98 version (v2.6) at this link (direct download links).
I also have another link some of you may find useful - anybody who downloads movies will know that playing incomplete files is a useful thing, but some users will also know that Windows Media Player can't play incomplete files... so I used Google to find a free player and here it is: the VLC Media Player. Direct download here. VLC can play many audio/video formats, including DVD/CD and even streams. See this page for the full features list.
I hope this comes in use to someone else who may have the same problem. Enjoy!

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Luca wrote:
hey, i had the same problem. I downloaded this codec to that YOU suggested then it f*cked up n it went all green. I uninstalled it then it went bk to normal. u were just unlucky m8

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