28 September 2005

What's Your Homepage?

Google. Can't beat that homepage. Quick, simple, and ready to search.
Googlefight.com - Quickly find out how popular two types of search are. Try Boys vs. Girls! Or Firefox vs. Internet Explorer! Cats vs. Dogs! Google vs. MSN Search! Apple vs. Microsoft! McDonalds vs. Burger King!...
And... that nicely fits in with the next topic... something about Firefox:
"During the first half of 2005, the Mozilla browsers, including Firefox, had the most vulnerabilities of all browsers."
This quote is from the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report of January to June 2005. Shocking. You can read this report on the symantec website, the links to it are on my homepage.
And another interesting thing about Google is that it keeps records of the most popular searches made on its website. You can view this weeks statistics by following this URL. You can also get some more results from the year pages hyperlinked here: 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004

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bossplw wrote:
why would you have it as you homepage?
you dont need to always be searching.

And also since the firefox browers have search bars and you can install one IE.
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