15 September 2005

Inspirational Quotes

These philosophical phrases are an inspirational guide. I have found that they work in many situations and therefore I approve and suggest their influence. Anybody who has anything against them or doubts their relation to reality, please tell me.

  • "In the real world of life, there is no such thing as free time. There is always a new discovery that you can make."
  • "Honesty is the best policy, for freindship is nothing without trust, reliability and authority."
  • "No matter if the world around me falls apart, for I will always have good friends from the start."
  • "A good mate always talks to his friends about what matters to them the most before he does anything else."
  • "With teamwork, anything is possible, even the challenge of life."
  • "Problematic negative effects yield improvement."
  • "Life... is what you make it. So don't go wasting it!"
  • CHAIN MAIL - if you recognise it, don't read it, just delete it. That way nothing bad will ever happen.
  • Inspiration from friends is the easy stage, all you have to do is actually enjoy your own lifetime.
  • Life is only interesting and worthwhile if the CHALLENGES that you encounter are valued. However, you can make an exception if you don't like certain foods(!)
  • What's the point in having an Advent Calendar? I just eat a whole Mars bar every morning!