22 December 2005

Not LOL Anymore - Time for Payback

Here we go again. Another day when my sister just totally disrespects me. Typical, as always.
I would love to record everything she said and relay it to you, but it isn't practical. Seeing that this new list spans many days, I will not split it up.
- She called me a 'fool' several times, just the word on its own.
- She calls me a 'geek', even though I told her what it actually means.
- She calls me a 'freak'.
- 'How about no'
- She called my mum something really rude. God, is it rude. I mean the taboo of all taboos. 5 letter word starting with W. Rhymes with 'more'.
- 'go away you fat piece of s**t'
- 'go piss off'
- She threw a slipper at me
- She tried tripping me up in the hallway
- She sat on the stairs and stopped me from going upstairs
- When I said 'don't call me that' she says 'well I just did'
- 04/02/2006 - "Sad loser"
Current likeliness of me blocking MSN Messenger on Sarah's user name to stop bad influence from her 'friends': Unlikely
There are many more, I will document them all here to keep you updated.
And, for the record, she didn't have any reason for calling me these things. She just said them out at random.
Update 20/1/06: Her "friend", Kirstie, the other day, also called my 'gay' and a 'pervert'. I was just walking past her down the corridor and she just shouted those words out. Crazy b1tch. I am just not standing for this anymore.
Update 2/2/06: Kirstie and her friend Jasmine said "Oh, it's gay boy" while I was walking past them in school; and when I was in the LRC today she said "You really are gay". Does anybody have any links with the Mafia? I think I might need some outside help to KILL these annoying Year 8s. GGRR!!

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xxSunshineOnARainyDayxx wrote:
no but saying blud does lol
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Anonnonymouse wrote:
give ur sister a break. Surely she ad a reason to disrespect u

p.s - just coz i cnt spell annonymous dnt mean i am stupid blud.
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